Back in January, 2011, the Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts invited me to talk about crochet. It was six weeks after Owen arrived, and though I had the wherewithal to use my phone to record the lecture, I managed not to do anything with the recording until today.

I was thinking about it because I’ll be speaking on similar themes at the Knit City kick-off party in October. Oh, you don’t know what Knit City is? I’ll tell you.

Knit City will be Vancouver’s first proper yarn conference. There will be a spectacular market running the whole weekend of October 13-14th, and there will be workshops by local and far-flung teachers. My mom will be in town, and we’re going to take a class together. Fun times!

Sylvia Olsen, author of Working with Wool, will also be speaking at the kick-off party. I love her book, and I’m really excited to hear her talk.

So. It’s ain’t short. But I hope you enjoy:

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