Apparently, it’s kitten season. So my friend Lisa tells me. That means we should all be super happy all the time, right? I mean, KITTENS.

Do-Good Thursdays: Avery the Cat

This week’s featured adoptable cat is, indeed, a kitten. A special kitten. One that might be overlooked on account of a wee problem he has with one of his eyes. He requires some minimal care because of that, but really, as special-needs cats go, he’s low maintenance!

Do-Good Thursdays: Avery the Cat

Here’s what Lisa told me about him:

He’s a tiny guy who will steal your heart. One of his eyes doesn’t close (outer lid doesn’t, inner lid does) so he needs eye drops every now and then. Otherwise he’s fine and with proper care he should be able to keep his eye – the risk is that if he’s not looked after, something could happen to his eye and it might end up needing to be removed, which would be sad. So they’re being very careful about screening potential adopters for the little fellow – wanting to make sure the new family really understands what they’re taking on. As special needs cats go, this is pretty easy!

He’s a little shy around people, but I managed to pick him up and snuggle him and he’s very sweet! He’s got huge eyes for such a tiny head – I think he’ll be a very unique cat when he’s all grown up.

From his description: “Avery is an adorable little guy with unique colours — he’s the colour of a creamsicle! He is a little nervous around people so needs some special attention in a home with lots of love and patience. He would love to be adopted with one of his brothers but would be okay on his own as well.”

Do-Good Thursdays: Avery the Cat

Every Thursday I feature an adoptable animal in the Vancouver, BC, area, as part of the Orphan Animal Pics project. These photos were taken by Cindy Hughes of Muddy Love Pet Photography.

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I always have a soft spot for the runts of the litter. Avery is tiny and so adorable! It’s so hard not to just stick them in my pocket and sneak home with them!! Snuggling the shy ones is always special because you have to be patient and wait for them to be ready – makes you feel like you’ve earned it.


I wish I could adopt all of them, the photos are awesome. Do they ship kitties to Sweden? ;-)

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