I’m knitting Owen a Fisherman’s Pullover in some stash yarn I don’t like very much. But it’s a really fun, quick pattern I’m otherwise enjoying very much.

And so when I discovered last night that I’d managed to knit a purl row in the garter stitch section and I cursed loudly about it and Greg said, “Dude, he’s going to wear the sweater for like four months, just leave it,” I scowled and then he said, “Ok, one more curse. Make it a good one,” and I did and it was good and then I smiled and then I left it. The end.

Fisherman's Pullover mistake

PS I also screwed up a couple of yarn overs in the short-row neck shaping. It was the first time I ever did short rows, and I did them while listening to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee give an utterly fascinating lecture about knitting and neuroscience, and I decided to just leave those holes in the sweater, so this is a project that was always going to look “rustic”.

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i’ve wanted to make this one forever but am working on gathering stripes!

Kalin W

Next time you tackle short rows look up the german style ones. They are so much easier than w&t ones. IMO of course.

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