My Friday-night stitch group does lots of knit-alongs. We usually choose a designer, and everyone knits one of their patterns during the allotted time. It’s a fun and simple way of keeping us all interested. Until Friday night, I’d never actually finished a project on time. I’m usually the one oohing and ahhing over other people’s lovely projects, cracking self-deprecating jokes about my inability to knit or crochet on demand. But not this time. No, not this time.

This was the Jane Richmond KAL, and as it happens this most delightful of designers of classically simple patterns lives just across the Georgia Straight on Vancouver Island. And as it happens, she had plans to be in Vancouver this weekend. So she came to our gathering Friday night, the deadline of our KAL.

I first discovered Jane’s patterns last November, when I knit her eponymous hat for Owen’s beloved babysitter. So I was excited to have a reason to knit another of her designs so soon. In the interest of at least trying to finish on time, I kept it simple and chose the Rae scarf. I mean, dude, it’s a garter stitch scarf in a triangle. It was relaxation on two needles. At least half the KAL participants also made a Rae. Good times. (ETA: I made a few modifications to the super-simple pattern. Details on Ravelry.)

I used a skein of SweetGeorgia Yarns Merino Silk Fine in the Tourmaline colourway, which is my new favourite colour (and also my new favourite word to say out loud). I cast on mid-April, and I finished on Friday night about twenty minutes after the party started. I wove in my ends, and everything. Oh, sweet joyous finished scarf!

Rae, completed. YAY!
Who has two thumbs and finished her scarf on time? I do. (Photo by Marianela)
Rae, completed
It's my new favourite scarf. I haven't even washed it. And I may not take it off long enough to have time to. So. (Photo by Marianela)
Knit-along group, with Jane.
We posed outside the store with Jane (on the far left). Fun times!
Knit-along group, with Jane
Here's one with me in it. (Photo by Melanie)
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Congrats on meeting the deadline and making a gorgeous scarf! Love the two thumbs photo!

Denise Twum

Gorgeous scarf! And congratulations! I joined one KAL and I’m ashamed to say that I never even started the project. :( Love the color and also the thumbs up picture!


Lovely! I wish we had more knitalongs over here in Sweden….

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