Rut Race, Day 6: Keep on Keeping OnI’ve been in a rut and this post is part of a series I’m writing to chronicle my efforts to get out of it. Are you in a rut, too? Or maybe you just want to spiff things up a little for yourself? Join in. I’m calling it the Rut Race.

Most of the things I’ve been doing to get out of my rut have been new things, new approaches to old things, or things I haven’t done in a long time. But I’ve also been trying to make sure I keep doing things I’ve been doing that I know make me feel good.

Namely, I’ve been crocheting or knitting every night. Not out of obligation to my projects or to the people I’m making them for, but out of the simple satisfaction I take from the activity.

Mostly, I’ve been steadily progressing on my Land & Sea blanket. I didn’t have time at all to work on it during our trip back east, which saddened me. But I’ve been stitching a few rows a night since we got back, and I’m especially enjoying it because there’s more and more land in with the sea now.

And I’ve started knitting the Rae scarf by Jane Richmond for the knit-along my Friday-night Urban Yarns stitch group is doing. It’s so simple and lovely and I’m making it from a skein of stunning SweetGeorgia yarn I’ve had for a couple years.

I’ve been crafting throughout this rut, which makes this one different from others I’ve experienced. But I’m not taking that for granted. I’m making sure I attend to my crafting needs, for what good is getting out of a rut if I’m just going to fall into another one straight away?

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