I’ve been digging through boxes of files in search of one particular document. A hard-copy document. In very tangible, very disorganized boxes. Because I am unabashedly disorganized when it comes to tangible objects, I haven’t found the document yet.

But I did find my original Crochet Me logo sketches and mock-ups, and the original hand-drawn logo. I consider that a score almost as exciting as the missing document would have been. I wonder what else I’ll turn up in my search…

Playing with Fonts
I played with a LOT of fonts when I was designing the logo. Way back in 2004.
Playing with Fonts
Apparently, at one point I thought this was THE ONE. Obviously, it wasn't.
Playing with Fonts
Oh my. This one wasn't the one, either. Thank goodness. I'd have to have changed my name to Velma and driven to trade shows in the Mystery Mobile if were.
Final Crochet Me Logo
Now this. This was THE ONE. As you may recall. I kinda feel like it's etched on my soul, you know?
Website sketch
As an added bonus, here's a pencil sketch of the site layout. I think I did this after I committed to a formal publication schedule, probably sometime in 2005.


3 responses to “Evolution of the Original Crochet Me Logo (in Hard Copy!)”

  1. CrochetBlogger Avatar

    What a fun share!

  2. Vashtirama Avatar

    I feel like I’m looking at baby pictures of a relative!

  3. yarntomato Avatar

    So fun seeing these! Thank you for sharing them! I needed a good shot of nostalgia today. :-)

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