I spent more time in the car than I did at the event, but I’m so glad I schlepped out to Abbotsford for the Fibres West fiber festival today. Not only was it lovely to see Felicia from SweetGeorgia Yarns[1. Felicia gave me two bags of yarn ends for Mighty Ugly, which is superduper awesome. Thank you, Felicia! Participants will be at a severe ugly-making disadvantage with these lovely colours, that’s for sure.], and Amanda and Fiona from Knit Social, it was also simply wonderful to be reminded of the rich fiber culture in this area[2. Read: Mmm. Alpaca.].

Fibres West

This yarn from Kattikloo, a small-batch dyer on Salt Spring Island, took my breath away, and I left with two hanks of sportweight – enough for a shawl. I love greys so much, and the bits of colour in this grey make me very, very happy.

Yes, please!

Finally, I learned to make bobbin lace. I’d only seen it in books before, and when I went up to a woman who was working on a piece, she walked me through it. Then she asked if I’d like to try my hand on a sample. When I replied, “Yes, please!” she seemed almost surprised. She told me lots of people say they’d be afraid to mess it up. I told her I figured they had it there so people like me could mess it up, and she smiled. As she walked me through the simple steps, I told her it looks like line dancing, each pair of bobbins swinging ’round another pair. I didn’t want to leave.

Making bobbin lace

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Love the yarn you ended up with. Great decision to go!


It was nice seeing you guys!  

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