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A good friend of mine is pregnant, and I spent most of February thinking about what I want to make for the baby. Not a sweater, though I’m not sure why. A blanket. For sure a blanket. A crocheted blanket, not a knitted one. No motifs. Non-gendered colours. Maybe something inspired by our city, or the one she lives in now, a couple of hours away.

Well, there’s nothing more local than the intersection of the ocean and the mountains, and so I knew the blanket simply must be a ripple. But not just any old ripple. A special one. One, it turns out, it took me an entire day to figure out the math for. (Mostly because I kept being stupid about the math.) One I’ll call Land and Sea.

The yarn I’m using is Mini Mochi, by Crystal Palace Yarns. Many of the colourways are quite bold, but the two I’m using are somewhat more subtle – by which I mean that one is quite subtle (Seafoam, it’s called; it’s the one in the photo), and one isn’t as subtle. Even the mild variations in colour have me completely addicted to crocheting it, though.

I’ve listed more details on Ravelry, and if the colour plan I have works out how I envision it, I’ll maybe write up the pattern at some point. For now, I’m enjoying the simplicity of the stitching. So rhythmic. So special.

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What a lucky baby! Handmade blankets are full of love. 

Sandi Rosner

So very pretty! and I love Mini Mochi. That is one lucky baby


I love this – can’t wait to see it grow!


The colours you chose are beautiful!
-Nicole Knit, Nicole, Knit!

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