I think it was the One of a Kind Show last month that did me in. It was awesome from start to finish, but I just never caught up after it. Slowly but steadily over the last few weeks, my energy stores leaked out my ear until eventually my productivity slowed to almost zero.

That is, until Wednesday, when Greg told me I need to take today off. “But Friday is a babysitter day! We pay her so we can work. It’s burning money to pay her when I don’t work!”

That Greg, though. He’s wise. “You’re not getting any work done anyway. Duh. You need a break. Take it. You deserve it.”

So today my feet are warm and dry because I finally bought myself winter boots that fit. I had time to try on every boot in the store, and it was relaxing and I felt good.

I had my eyebrows threaded, because primping feels good.

I spent well over an hour in my favourite store, and I left with four items I absolutely love (even though I didn’t actually want to spend lots of money, but I love them enough I know it’s worth it). And one of those items is skinny jeans that don’t make my ass look bigger than it actually is (which is big), and so I’m downright excited.

I walked the dog.

I’m drinking tea.

And I feel good. I feel clear-headed. I feel indulged and energetic.

I needed this.

And I bet you need this too. So I’ll play the role of Greg now, and give you permission to take a day off. Even if it costs you money. Because you’re no good to yourself or to your business if you’re rundown and sluggish.

So tell me, what are you going to do with your day?

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Holly Broadland

Good for you! And good for Greg for urging you to take that day off! I won’t be taking Sunday completely off, but I will be going to the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild sew-in for part of the day, and that’s a huge treat for this mom of two!

Sharmie Taffe-Fletcher

i did that yesterday as well! i felt super under the weather and decided to sleep instead of going to work, which turned into sleeping until 4pm! But that meant that my cold is already going away, rather than dragging on for days and days… it was a good choice. :)


A former colleague routinely took a “mental health day”. Glad that you took care of yourself!

Rebecca A. Watson

Nice work :) It can be hard to do, especially if you’re staring down deadlines or a giant list of projects. But Greg’s right! I have a standing date every Tuesday with a friend for a hike. Some days the hike is long (14 miles last week!) and other days I keep it short so I can still work, but being in the woods means no cell phone, Internets or other distractions. It’s delicious.

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