I really like how Sister Diane does a round-up of how she supported the content she values in the month that just ended, and I thought I’d start to do the same. Perhaps you’ll find some of these things interesting, too.

Blah Blah Blog...

Mostly, I Flattred things in November. Here’s what:

I also bought the first few episodes of Diane’s Craftypod 2.0 podcast. And I give a monthly PayPal donation to support the hilarious geek webcomic Hijinks Ensue.

5 responses to “What I Flattred in November”

  1.  Avatar

    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!!! I would love to see more and more people doing these monthly recaps. If I were closer I’d give you a giant hug right now – both for the support and for being a visible part of the sea change we need in order to make the web sustainable.

  2. Barbara Forbes-Lyons Avatar

    Thanks for the Flattr, Kim! It’s much appreciate.

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