It's Pay-a-Blogger Day!The brilliant and kind people at Flattr have deemed today to be a good day to take a few minutes to tangibly support the creators of the blogs we enjoy so much all year ’round. Here’s the gist of Pay a Blogger Day:

Of course, Flattring content is a good and easy way to pay a blogger today. But the event is also a great opportunity to finally buy something our favourite bloggers are selling outright – the clever t-shirt, the inspiring ebook, the awesome pattern, the jewelry, toy or photograph.

Your eyeballs being on my website means a lot to me. I value your opinions and perspectives so very much. I appreciate your support of my work, and I love it when you tell me that something I’ve written has touched you, inspired you, or royally pissed you off.

I want to spend more time blogging about creativity, books, crafts, life and other stuff, and writing Kimagination Station Internet Funtimes, and the only way I can do that is by generating some income from it. Otherwise, I have to spend the vast majority of my time doing paid work, mostly focusing on other people’s great ideas. I love that work, but I’d love even more to to have more time to focus on my own ideas, and sharing them with you.

How You Can Support Me

Flattr the stuff I write here. I have Flattr buttons on all my posts and in the sidebar (if you’re feeling especially enthusiastic, you can subscribe to automatically Flattr my blog each month for three, six or twelve months – after you click the button to Flattr my blog, the text will change to “subscribe” – just click that for more options).

Buy the Virtual Planetoid Hat pattern. So far, there’s no indication my hat-pattern experiment will be a success. That’s cool. It’s what an experiment is all about. But if you like that pattern, today’s a good day to buy it. Or if you’re so-so on the pattern but you’d like to see what other kinds of stuff I might design in the future, you can make that happen with a few bucks today. And since it’s still November, you can get a buck off your purchase by using the code FFlove11.

Buy one (or more) of my books. There are six of them! Available pretty much anywhere that sells crafts books, including your local yarn store.

Subscribe to receive Kimagination Station Internet Funtimes. Subscribing is free, but having a gazillion subscribers sure would be grand encouragement.

Thank you, dear readers. I hope today is a great one for all of you.

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I signed up and left you a flattr click yesterday!

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