Don't call me MOMMY at work.Last week I received an email from a woman.

You are missing one of your important jobs on the list in your blog blurb. Mommy! Ya gotta ad [sic] that because it’s the most important job you will EVER have!

I was on my ass with the flu at the time, which is why it’s taken me days to write about this rather than hours. Ordinarily, receiving an email like this would set me off like a lit cigarette tossed into desert shrubbery during an epic drought.

This “motherhood is the most important work in all the world” thing is, not to diminish the importance of being a good parent, annoying as hell.


I just deleted 500 words of diatribe because I think this post could use your input.

Working parents of the world, unite! Consider me to have just tossed a lit cigarette into the dried-out shrubbery of your working parenthood.

The comments section is all yours.

Don’t hold back.

ETA: In the comments, Darren Barefoot linked to this TED talk by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. (I’ll add this thought to her very good points: We need to make it so that when children come into the picture, both parents make decisions about how to balance their career and parenting. One way to shift things so that more women make it to the top of their career is to work toward establishing the assumption that either parent can compromise.)

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