Sean Low wrote a great short piece at DesignTAXI about not shortchanging the work we do as creatives.

If… you fully embrace the notion that your clients hire you for your intention and vision as much as they do for the end product, you will understand that doing things how you do them, without compromise, is the highest respect you can give.

I admitted during my session at Hello Etsy in Portland last month that I often find myself uncomfortable when not-my-people ask what I do – when I want my answer to be about Mighty Ugly. (When I want my answer to be about the other work I do, I say I edit crafts books and that usually puts and end to that bit of small talk.)

When I talk about Mighty Ugly, I shuffle my feet and mumble something about doing workshops with a creativity exercise, shuffle shuffle mumble mumble.

It’s ridiculous and I know it.

I run workshops that help people confront their creative demons, experiment with new approaches to creative expression, and build confidence in what they do. All sorts of people, whether they identify as creatives or not. Much of what I do is try to make people feel comfortable and safe while they do the scary, uncomfortable work themselves. That’s not an apology. I do it well, and I want to build my business so I can do it more.

I need these reminders to stop mumbling about what I do. I’m not doing anyone favours by shying away from having to explain myself in more than one sentence.

Do you mumble or shuffle your feet when you tell people about your work? Say it with me now: STOP DOING THAT.

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