I’ve needed one, that’s for sure. August was killer. But more about that another time. Or not. Regardless, perhaps you, too, will feel your spirits bolstered after half a minute listening to my kid laugh.

(My apologies for having plunked my phone down to record this and failing to notice that toy thing blocking his face. I’ll show you his eight-month-old face another time!)

6 responses to “Need a laugh?”

  1. plainsight Avatar

    Cleo being all nonchalant in the background makes this so much more awesome. Thanks for the giggle!

  2. MaryBethTemple Avatar

    Katy LOVED that thing and we were both sad when she grew out of it!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Owen’s liked it, but recently he’s fought us putting him in there. Partly because he’s just entered the wild world of separation anxiety, and partly because he’s crawling all over the damn place.

  3. Robin (noteverstill) Avatar

    Oh, it’s the best sound in the world, isn’t it?

  4. Amiller667 Avatar

    Wow!  Great laugh–Makes me wonder, Kim, what you were doing behind the camera to get him going!

  5. Annette Avatar

    Wonderful! And honestly, my kids are almost 10 and 15, and I still love to hear them laugh!

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