Work-parenting balance is unbalanced! Babysitter’s on holiday this week! So today, blogging = short storytelling in pictures.

The End


7 responses to “Toothiness”

  1. Josh Avatar

    Teething is the worst! They’re perfectly happy and then, all of a sudden, they’re not! They’re fed and clean and rested and it always takes entirely too long to work out why they’re so unhappy. And then there’s nothing you can really do to make them feel any better. Poor little guys. Good luck with the new teeth!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Thanks, Josh! Luckily, Owen’s a cuddly little dude, so he’s fairly easily comforted just by being held. And, you know. Tylenol.

  2. Cruz Avatar

    He’s giving you a thumbs up!

  3. Amy J. Avatar
    Amy J.

    I am determined to attempt camping next spring/summer with the kids–I’m taking inspiration from you, as I would have never, ever attempted it with a baby!  Now, I just need to start gathering supplies, starting with a non-backpacking tent.  I’m not going to fit all four of us in a pup tent, that’s for sure ;).

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      We took a gigantic tent, Amy. A 6-person one inti which we comfortably fit the pack-n-play for Owen, a double-size air mattress for us (I mean, why not?), Cleo, and our bags. Gone, for now, are the days of camping light. And it was awesome.

      1. Amy J. Avatar
        Amy J.

        That’s what I have my eye on, a six person tent.  And hells yes to the air mattress! 

  4. Betsy Greer Avatar
    Betsy Greer

    Look how big Owen is!!! Wow!! The pics are beautiful, btw, you and Greg are my new heroes for taking a 7 month old camping!!

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