We finally scrapped* our ratty shag rug in the living room and replaced it with a wool rug that looks (but isn’t really) knitted. Oh man, I love this rug.

Of course, we live with someone who’s absolutely desperate to crawl, and otherwise rolls around everywhere, and rubs his saliva-wet hands on the wool, attracting fuzzies he then of course licks.

He hasn’t coughed up a hairball yet, but this is what our living room looks like now.


I think the alphabet goes very well, don’t you? (No, I don’t really.)

*ETA: I mean that pretty much literally – we’re going to cut that old rug up so the dog can still have some to sleep on. She loves that filthy old thing.

4 responses to “Decor… with a Baby”

  1. Tara Swiger Avatar

    Oooh! I LOVE that rug! I just so something similar last week….but it wasn’t wool, it was hemp-ish feeling. Not nearly as crawlable.

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      I’m very excited for Owen to walk in a few months, so we can move that mat somewhere else and let the rug out in all its glory.

  2. Michelle Kroll Avatar
    Michelle Kroll


    My daughter loves to eat the “pills” of of her blanket and has since she was a baby.  No, hairball yet.  I think her digestive system has just adapted.  She’s four now.  It is a comfort thing for her.  Weird.  Even moreso after typing this :)

  3. Katie Cooper Avatar

    LOVE the rug! And Owen is getting so big! My daughter is a couple months older and they look like they could be twins.

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