Decor… with a Baby

We finally scrapped* our ratty shag rug in the living room and replaced it with a wool rug that looks (but isn’t really) knitted. Oh man, I love this rug.

Of course, we live with someone who’s absolutely desperate to crawl, and otherwise rolls around everywhere, and rubs his saliva-wet hands on the wool, attracting fuzzies he then of course licks.

He hasn’t coughed up a hairball yet, but this is what our living room looks like now.


I think the alphabet goes very well, don’t you? (No, I don’t really.)

*ETA: I mean that pretty much literally – we’re going to cut that old rug up so the dog can still have some to sleep on. She loves that filthy old thing.

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Tara Swiger

Oooh! I LOVE that rug! I just so something similar last week….but it wasn’t wool, it was hemp-ish feeling. Not nearly as crawlable.

Michelle Kroll


My daughter loves to eat the “pills” of of her blanket and has since she was a baby.  No, hairball yet.  I think her digestive system has just adapted.  She’s four now.  It is a comfort thing for her.  Weird.  Even moreso after typing this :)

Katie Cooper

LOVE the rug! And Owen is getting so big! My daughter is a couple months older and they look like they could be twins.

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