Canada_Day, by Sam Churchill on Flickr (CC-A licensed)

Happy Canada Day! And happy almost-Fourth of July!

(Perhaps more importantly, from my perspective at least, happy My-Birthday-Is-the-9th!)

While we collectively enjoy our barbecues this weekend, let’s think about our own independence, shall we?

Two years ago Tara Swiger left her day job to go all-in on her creative business, and I’ve loved watching that business grow and morph and evolve over time. To celebrate her second independence day, such as it is, she asked her friends and colleagues to share their own declarations of independence, and I was tickled to be included. Here’s what I wrote, as it appears in the PDF Tara put together:

Declaring Independence

Give that PDF a read, won’t you? It’s filled with the sort of everyday freedoms that empower us to be happy.

So my dears, what are you declaring your independence from?

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  1. Kristine Beeson Avatar

    your declaration was lovely! great sentiment, and one that i’m working on accepting for myself!

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