The riots here in Vancouver after the Canucks lost Game 7 in the Stanley Cup finals on Wednesday pretty much broke my heart.

When I woke up Thursday morning, I found a Twitter message from Amy Swenson asking me if I’d like to write about it for a sports site run by women writers. It was exactly what I needed to do to work though my thoughts and feelings about it all. She put me in touch with the editors, and you can find my essay here.

Please comment over there – I’d love to know what you think, and I’d love to give the site lots of comments after they gave me a much-needed outlet.

It was a long slog to write the essay. I edited it to death, then managed to resurrect it – I hope. It started out ending in despair, but as the hours passed and I chatted with strangers and acquaintances I discovered my initial despair was being slowly overwritten by comfort and hope. And really, thank the gods for that.

This Is My Vancouver (Canucks Colors)
This Is My Vancouver (Canucks Colors), by Geoff Heith (CC-A licensed)
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Hey Kim- Its Jeremy Ya know your Dads best friends son….  Coming from New York and living in a Suburb of Boston, its kind of funny- I woke up to find that there were no Riots in Boston after they won the Stanley Cup – Frankly I was shocked – Boston fans are NUTS – People get shot, cars get destroyed… typically when Boston wins anything they Riot – Its their mentality – Totally against anything I understand – My adopted city are a bunch of crazy idiots typically – I love Vancouver  its a beautiful place – I thought your Blog was awesome….

email me some time…. 

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