Kimagination Station Internet Funtimes: Subscribe Today!

A few weeks ago I started an email newsletter. Did I forget to mention that here? Shame on me.

I call it a curated cornucopia of creativity crafts and cleverness.

See, I got into a fun little habit after the baby arrived and I started doing most of my perusing of the internet on my iPhone – I started emailing myself links to articles or nifty tidbits that I wanted to remember to revisit when I had more attention to spare.

By the time Owen was four months old, my inbox was bursting at the seams. Too much to read, too daunting to sift through, no time to blog it.

So I started Kimagination Station Internet Funtimes as a way to kill several defenseless birds with one handcrafted stone.

  1. I’m cleaning out my inbox! (Slowly.)
  2. I get to explore a new way of being in touch with you. (Specifically you. And you.)
  3. I have an excuse to continue sending myself links, because I still internet-peruse a fair bit on my phone.
  4. I want to see if an email newsletter is maybe a good way to keep you up to date on things like upcoming events I’m participating in, news about stuff I’m working on, book info, etc.
  5. Most importantly, I get to hope very sincerely that these wee bits of funtimes enrich your day, too.

Take a peek through the first few issues, and subscribe, eh? And if you enjoy it, tell your friends!

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