Yesterday I finally took the bus with the kid. I avoided confronting my stroller-on-the-bus anxiety by just wearing him in the carrier — which, really, is easier anyway.

When we got on the bus the driver smiled at Owen and I mentioned it was his first bus ride. This seemed to please her greatly. She asked if we were going to document it with a picture. So Greg took my phone and took one.


Then the driver said that if we were going to ride till the last stop — we were — we should take a picture in the driver’s seat. And we were all, “Um, okay!”

So we did.


I love chatting with the strangers I encounter in the ordinary goings-about of my day. You never know how much enjoyment they might imbue upon the mundane. But not if you don’t speak up.

And thinking bigger, you rarely get what you don’t ask or strive for. I’ve been chewing on that a lot as I get back to looking for projects to work on. I’ve been in my very secluded family bubble for a few months, and am keenly aware of how much I don’t know about what’s going on in my beloved world of creativity and crafts. So my first step in getting back to work is simply to tell all of you that I’m back. Because if I don’t do that, how could I hope to connect with possible co-conspirators, colleagues and contracts? I couldn’t.

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