Imagine, if you would, how loudly I squealed when my stitch-group friend Marie gave me this knitted Dalek last week.

DUDE. How awesome is this? And she made it a rattle. I can’t wait till Owen properly interacts with toys.

You, too, can knit a Dalek if you’re so inclined. Marie told me she used the Extermiknit pattern, slightly modified.

She put a little pocket in there to hold a wee Dalek-in-the-flesh, too. Brilliant.

Between this Dalek and the Jayne hats my friends Marianela and Mercedes made Owen, he’s well on his way to becoming a full-on geek. We’re very lucky to have such geektastic crafty friends.

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Stacelynn Caughlan

That is just so FREAKING awesome I’m at a loss for words. I want one too!!! I could use it as stress relief. And when people bug me while I’m working I’ll say “Talk to the Dalek” and what do you think the Dalek will say to anyone who bothers me? ;)

Lucky lucky baby to have geek for parents :)


Someone needs to make him two scarves, one that looks like a bow tie, and of course one that looks like a proper Doctor scarf…


How awesome is this? Imagining a tiny Owen wandering around saying “Exterminate! Exterminate!”


holy wow – i totally sent a link of that dr. who cross-stitch you tagged to my mom. she will flip when she sees this. amazing

i too have an extra special fondness for dr. who – it was the only show for which i was allowed to stay up late at night as a child.


Love it!! Love the colours too.

Amy J.

exTERMINATE! Hee-that is so neat!

Marie from stitch group

You did squeal rather loudly…. Which I found very satisfying. This was one of the most fun things I have knitted recently ;-). One can never start the indoctrination into geekdom too early.
And now I feel like I’m famous on the (important parts) of the internet to boot.

Marie from stitch group

I emailed my grandmother a link to this post when you made it, so she could see what I was up to in Canada.
This Christmas, she had a T-shirt made for me, with your second photo of the Dalek printed on it. So I can now display my knitting and your photographic prowess for all the world to see ;-). I will send you a picture once I get around to it…


How adorable, a cuddly dalek :))


This is so neat! I can’t knit so maybe there is a crochet pattern somewhere.

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