His name is Braxon and we’re adopting him. Because of our plans for the holidays we won’t be able to welcome him home till the new year. January 7th, to be exact. That’s when Best Friends Animal Sanctuary will fly him up. I wish we didn’t have to wait so long, but it’s the best for him this way.

So, you know. Be warned. I’ve got shelter dogs on the brain, and you’ll be hearing about ’em.

12 responses to “I fell in love with this guy.”

  1. Justine Avatar

    Congratulations! I have a shelter dog – Oreo, who I adopted when he was about 2. He’s 10 now, and still a love (and currently occupying my heating pad).
    We had a trial with a second dog recently that didn’t work out so well, so it’s especially wonderful to see you’ve had success.
    Braxon is a very handsome guy, by the way.

  2. Gowahine Avatar

    Awesome! Much love to Braxon who is so very handsome and kudos for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary – a place very dear to me too!

  3. Lee Avatar

    awwww he looks SO SWEET! yayyyy!

  4. meegiemoo Avatar

    He’s adorable! Love, love, love!

  5. Rebecca Avatar

    He is so adorable, congrats! Our boy is from the shelter and the love of our lives.

  6. kendra Avatar

    those ears are too much. i can see why you fell in love. we have 2 rescue dogs that we adore!

  7. Heather Powers Avatar

    he’s adorable! in light of our conversation about comments I thought I would drop by. have a wonderful holiday season!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Thanks, Heather! Have a wonderful holiday, yourself.

  8. Lindsey @ Yarnia Avatar

    Aww, sweet! I’ve been thinking about getting a dog myself (my first one!) and have been intentionally holding off on even browsing the shelters until things settle down after the holidays because I know once you start looking… :)

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Oh, yeah, man. Once you start looking, it’s all over. (I mean, I *wasn’t*
      even looking. Just sayin’.)

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