Last Thursday I spent the day doing very ugly arts and crafts with all sorts of interesting people as part of the Exhibition at the CreativeMix conference here in Vancouver. It was the first time in many, many years that I had to prepare a visual display for something, and here’s the story of how I managed to pull it off without succumbing to a total breakdown. (Advice: Ask for help!)

Here are some of the people and things I mention in the video, in addition to the aforelinked Mighty Ugly and CreativeMix:

If your iPhone or iPad won’t show you the video, please watch it on Vimeo. I’m attracted to several features offers that Vimeo doesn’t, but if I hear lots of complaints about Flash I’ll switch to using Vimeo here. Don’t be shy! Unrelated: You can subscribe to the videoblog in iTunes. Shiny.

Here’s what the display ended up looking like. When people chose not to keep their ugly creatures, we nailed them to the wall or added them to the we sculpture garden that grew up on the table.

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