Kids, my new iPhone takes video. And it, like, focuses. Thus I have entered the realm of people who take phone videos every day. Like, yesterday I filmed stuff for my next videoblog.

But for now, I’d like you to properly meet Cleo. You’ve seen photos over the years, but you couldn’t possibly tell how funny she is from them. See, she talks like a Wookiee. (Yes. Using the command “wookiee” to make her speak would be like telling Chewbacca “dog” to make him bark. Whatever.)

And she learned to go away all by herself. That’s because she was hyper as a puppy, and very annoying, and we were constantly asking her politely to get out of our face. Then one day we told her to go away and she did. Also, she doesn’t like sitting or lying down on wet ground. An inconvenient quirk, living in Vancouver.

So tell me. What’s your favourite of your dog’s tricks?

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LOL! Our dog Starr gets Norm beer from the fridge and helps with the laundry- for real!- I’ll have to take a video now!


I better get a video of her doing it! She just did her laundry duty this morning- she runs to the dryer and waits for me to get stuff to give here then she takes it upstairs for me- lol! If only she could fold and put it away!
And I crocheted a little beer can basket for her to carry beer to Norm from the fridge, then he puts the basket away in a drawer in his side table & she has to wait til he says ok, and she closes(slams- why we have to make her wait after a slam on the hand incident!) the drawer- it’s too funny- she gets soooooo excited!!


LOL! Our dog Starr gets Norm beer from the fridge and helps with the laundry- for real!- I’ll have to take a video now!


My dog Ginger is a rescue. She is from Northern Michigan. I accepted her as a foster child to keep her alive through the end of year holidays 4 years ago. She is my best buddy now. Ginger has a few phobias which she came with: cigarettes and matches send her running for cover, squeaking dog toys scare her terribly, but thunder storms are by far her biggest fear. Her best behavior, which I cannot call a trick since I didn’t teach it to her, is that when there is thunder or a tornado siren, (like we had today) Ginger goes and jumps in the bathtub. She will stay there all night if it is stormy. She is very smart. Interior room, no windows. As safe as she could be. Good dog.

Meredith C.

My doggie, Gator, is the sweetest ever. He is a thirteen yr-old lab/spaniel mix. He’s medium sized, and has 6″ long fur all over him, when it grows out. He looks related to a bear, as he is also brown. Gator likes to talk to us, sort of Wookie-like. He also loves watermelon and (of all things) red cabbage. He covers his face with his paws and makes weird grunting noises when he’s especially happy with the petting he’s getting. Thanks for sharing Cleo, she is charming.

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