Kids, my new iPhone takes video. And it, like, focuses. Thus I have entered the realm of people who take phone videos every day. Like, yesterday I filmed stuff for my next videoblog.

But for now, I’d like you to properly meet Cleo. You’ve seen photos over the years, but you couldn’t possibly tell how funny she is from them. See, she talks like a Wookiee. (Yes. Using the command “wookiee” to make her speak would be like telling Chewbacca “dog” to make him bark. Whatever.)

And she learned to go away all by herself. That’s because she was hyper as a puppy, and very annoying, and we were constantly asking her politely to get out of our face. Then one day we told her to go away and she did. Also, she doesn’t like sitting or lying down on wet ground. An inconvenient quirk, living in Vancouver.

So tell me. What’s your favourite of your dog’s tricks?

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