I am having some serious trouble getting back on the horse, kids. I know blogging is like riding a bike, but my brain’s all ajumble now that I’m home after such a long time away. I should just grab that bandage, count to two and pull it off while I’m waiting for myself to say “three.”

Perhaps all those incongruous metaphors paint a picture for you.

I miss you.

So I’m whining publicly in an effort to get things going again. There are things I want to tell you about, but they’re all jammed up in my head and they can’t seem to squeeze their way out yet.

In an effort to not only whine at you, I’ll show you a photo I took in my old bedroom when I was staying with my parents earlier this month. It’s a diagram of how HIV infects a cell. It’s pinned to the back of my old bedroom door. I made it, oh, seventeen years ago. My parents have left it exactly here all this time. As the poster board yellows, it’s nifty how much (more) the white-out stands out, eh?

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