This post was originally published on the now-retired Make & Meaning blog on May 7th, 2010. So, I’m not at a conference right now. Actually, I’m visiting my parents in advance of my dad’s surgery.

I’m at the Northern Voice personal blogging conference today and tomorrow, and tomorrow I’m going to sit on a panel about how blogging and online communities affect the practice of crafting, with Felicia Lo and Mandy Moore.

And you know? I realized this is the first time in a while I’ll be speaking about the fun and pleasure of blogging and online stuff, and not the business of it. And I further realized how excited I am about that. I mean, the whole reason I try so hard to make my living online is because I find it so much fun.

Since our talk tomorrow is a panel, I can’t be sure exactly what we’ll end up talking about. But I hope we talk about craft-alongs. The informal kind. The kind that get started because online pals discover they’re all into doing the same thing at the same time. It’s a pretty wicked thing, dontcha think?

Like the Groundhog-Along we did in February, after a bunch of us discovered we’re all stupid in love with the Bill Murray movie. And so the obvious thing to do would be for us all to crochet a groundhog at the same time.

Or a few years ago when those stunning ripple blankets started making the rounds, and so dozens and dozens of people made blankets. I use my blanket every day. (It looks like that -along is still going. Yay!)

Anyway, I just figured I’d write a little bit today about the personal side of blogging. The side that’s all about having fun and making friends, and in our crafty case, making stuff together. What’s the part you find the most fun?

Unfortunately, all comments were lost when Make & Meaning was taken down. Don’t hesitate to repeat yourself here, or to join in on the new conversation!

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