This post was originally published on the now-retired Make & Meaning blog on April 23rd, 2010.

Sometimes I get possessed. Not all demony, or anything. I just lose control of my hands. They take control of me and make stuff. And when they have their way I actually finish my projects, and right quick! See, I’m often excited to start new crafts projects, but then I abandon them after a while. But not when my hands pilot the rest of me. When they’re in charge, craft gets done.

They’ve taken the helm just this week, so I thought this quiet Friday I’d revisit my autopilot adventures and ask you to share yours. Ever craft on autopilot? Let’s populate the comments section with links and anecdotes.

The odd photo above is a baby blanket I’m making. My hands made me start it because we’re in the last stages of our application to be approved to adopt a baby, and apparently they’ve decided it’s high time to get crackin’ on handmade baby things. I’ve only knitted a couple of inches by now, but I’m sure it’ll get done. And soon.

During the Olympics, I was compelled to make earrings. Red ones, naturally, since I live in Vancouver. I wore them nearly every day.
Yeah, this is the same yarn I’m using for the blanket I’m knitting now. A year and a half ago, I was possessed when my friends had a baby. I dropped everything and crocheted a very wee blanket the day she was born. It’s too small to be of any practical use, but thankfully my friends didn’t seem to mind. Or, at least they rolled their eyes when my back was turned.
Know when yarn and needles have a love affair? That’s what happened here. I stumbled onto a pattern and whipped this up in just over a week.
I started these in a hotel room. I sat down and finished one before I stood up again.
Finally, of course there was the Jayne hat I crocheted in the throes of geeky internet adventure when we were trying to line up an interview with Joss Whedon a couple of years ago. I think I bought the yarn, crocheted the hat and wrote up the pattern all in the same day. But maybe I’m glorifying that in my memory…

Patterns, from top to bottom:

Your turn!

Unfortunately, all comments were lost when Make & Meaning was taken down. Don’t hesitate to repeat yourself here, or to join in on the new conversation!

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chicsinger simone

I definitely get the craft possession. I make little Valentine magnets every January and forget to eat, drink, dress. Every now and then I have to say to myself (in a placating tone usually reserved for convincing someone not to jump off the roof): “Step away from the Valentines, and nobody gets hurt.”

Sometimes it works.

Also, cute hat! Pleased to meetcha.

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