A few weeks ago I bought a chair from my neighbour for $1 at a yard sale. I’d been waiting a year to find the right chair to complete my vision for a corner of our living room, and though I’d had something else in mind, the price tag on this chair couldn’t be beat.

Greg would only agree to the chair if he could varnish the wood and paint the legs yellow to match the table we made last month. Though I loved the scratched green paint and worn wood, I was game for the compromise. Et voilà!

I brought Sally the sock monkey out for the occasion.

The painting is by Ashley G, AKA Kitty Genius. I bought it a couple of years ago because it reminds me of a little boy who was in the after-school program I ran in Delaware. It makes me smile. The little boy was six, and though his parents wanted him to go to the quiet room to do his homework (what kind of first grader has quiet-room-needing homework?), he would refuse, saying, “That woom just makes me nuhvous.” He was so adorably neurotic.

The clock is from Faire Houre. When I first saw it it took my breath away, it’s so like the wallpaper my grandparents had in their kitchen (though their wallpaper was orange, brown and green).

The wire form is named Marie Antoinette, on account of her having impeccable fashion sense and no head.

I’m so happy to pretty much have my living room exactly as I’ve wanted it for so many months!

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