We didn’t have our act together to participate in our block-wide yard sale today, but we had a lovely morning walking around catching up with our neighbours. I honestly can’t think of a more delightful way to start the weekend. Especially a weekend devoted to moving passed the stress and angst of the last couple of weeks.

I bought this chair from my neighbour for a buck. We’ll spiff up the wood a bit, and though I love the worn green paint, Greg only agreed to accept the chair if we paint the legs yellow to match the new upcycled table. I’ll miss the well-used look of it, but I agree with him that it’ll look great in yellow, too.

Other scores: a clay dish made by our 13-year-old neighbour who’s into pottery, a handful of books from a new neighbour I want to invite over so we can talk more about books, a big carrier thing for the car roof-rack from our neighbour whom Greg could have talked with about tools for hours, and unopened Mulder and Scully figurines from around the time of the first X-Files movie from our next-door neighbour we’ve known for eight years without knowing she’s a big geek just like us.

Sometimes we fret that we live on the other side of town from all our friends. But it’s days like today that make us so happy to be here.

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