Kim in Jayne hat with wavy hands

GEEK. (That’s me last weekend speaking at Northern Voice, wearing the Jayne hat I crocheted during the interview frenzy). Photo credit Carol Browne (CC-by-nc-sa licensed)

Have I ever mentioned that the whole let’s-do-an-interview-about-crafts-with-Joss-Whedon thing was the most fun I’ve ever had online? Well, if I failed to mention it, consider it immortalized here in bytes (until the EMP strikes and all this work we’ve done is obliterated).

The fun started nearly two years ago, the interview was in November of ’08, and yesterday Sci-Fi Wire resurrected it, much to the totally hilarious chagrin of its readers, if the comments are any indication.

During the interview, I asked Whedon if his then-soon-to-premiere-show Dollhouse would contain crafty elements like Firefly did. His response was facetious and funny, and Sci-Fi Wire running an article saying that the absence of decoupage is what killed Dollhouse makes the little green men that flutter around in my heart sing with a special song of laughter and joy.

One of the things I love about Whedon’s approach to talking about his work is that he brings both intense seriousness and great humour to pretty much every interview. If the audio from our chat had been any good, you’d have been able to hear that I was nearly shitting myself with nerves at the beginning of our conversation, but after a couple of minutes my high-pitched phone voice relaxed into its normal range, and we simply chatted for nearly twenty-five minutes. His being a nice guy with a good sense of humour is what allowed me to chill out. And dude, if I’d known he was as knowledgeable about crafts as he is, I’d have prepared totally differently for the interview.

There’s great overlap between the crafts and sci-fi communities (just skim the comments on the original post and over at Whedonesque), and knowing that this interview contributed to both just makes me happy.

Thanks for reminding me of the happy, Sci-Fi Wire. Thanks for reminding me of the happy.

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