video imageAnd holy smokes, she’s doing it right!

I have some opinions about how-to/DIY-oriented video shows*. Some strong ones. And having just watched Diane’s inaugural two-minute video, I’m compelled to shout to all the world that she’s nailed the three most important rules I think MUST be followed to ensure the healthy progression of how-to video into the modern era:

  1. She’s unscripted. Thank the gods! Know what makes for awful how-to video? Reading. People rarely sound natural when they’re reading, either from a script or a teleprompter. And unnaturalness means I want to change the channel or close the window. Goodness, it’s boring. Diane’s a natural in front of the camera, and her unscripted chatting makes it feel just like that, like she’s chatting to ME.
  2. She’s online. In my opinion, the future of how-to television is online. Low(er) budget, less rigid formatting, more relaxed, more sharing, more interacting, no scripting. (Of course it also needs to be a great concept, well-organized, well-shot and lighted adequately. All of which I’m sure Diane will nail.)
  3. The video is short. In the scheme of online how-to videos I’ve been chewing on for over a year, no video is longer than six minutes. Diane’s sticking to two. It’s fabulous.

That’s all. I just needed to say all this in something longer than a tweet (obviously).

Go watch her video.

*Yes, I’ve spent some time on some. I’m heavily critical of my work on them, too. The thing I’m most critical of? Not seeing myself as myself. In my opinion, a how-to show’s only worth watching if the people on it are REAL. And not boring. Two key things.

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