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I’m reblogging myself from over at Tumblr because I’m fairly desperate to discuss this. Please, oh please, chime in:

The relationship between Dale Cooper and Harry S Truman in Twin Peaks is the best example of true male friendship ever portrayed on television.


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  1. jessica Avatar

    mutual respect. no fear of hugging. free exchange of life advice, such as not being afraid to give oneself a little present once in a while, like a new shirt from a men's store, or a catnap.

  2. Steve Hoefer Avatar

    I say Ernie & Bert. But the friendship between those two… It's been a few years since I've sat down and properly watched it but… Yeah I can't really argue against it. The really good friendships aren't between two identical people, but between two different ones with the same goals. Agent Cooper definitely needed someone to help him make sense of the complicated currents in Twin Peaks and to keep him grounded. Harry needed the insight that an outsider could bring to their closed world. But they were both lawmen and thinkers, and since they had the same goals they were naturally drawn together and did their level best to help the other.

  3. Kim Werker Avatar

    Exactly. No sports. No talk of the ball 'n chain. No beer. *None* of the
    damn ubiquitous-on-television cliches of superficial male friendship. Hell,
    none of the ubiquitous cliches of female friendship, either.

    Mutual respect and understanding.

    This show is so damned refreshing. And it's twenty years old.

    That's both depressing and wonderful.

  4. Angela Avatar

    Now, since I was never a viewer of Twin Peaks, I can not reflect upon their friendship. My best example of male friendship on TV was the mini series Lonesome Dove. Augustus McCray and Woodrow McCall are my best example of male friendship and the best example of of men in general. Strong, loyal, trustworthy and endearing… very male, yet not condescending. Definitely, not a John Mayer type. Right?

  5. Kim Werker Avatar

    You know, I've never seen Lonesome Dove. :)

  6. Rhiannon Avatar

    Best? I dunno. What about Sponge Bob and Patrick?

  7. Alexis Avatar

    I agree. And I miss Twin Peaks too! I'm going to find my DVD and watch tonight. Thanks for reminding me of the greatness!

  8. haley Avatar

    I agree. Their mutual respect for each other is refreshing. What I think is very real about their friendship is the fact that they have nearly nothing in common with each other. They are from two completely different worlds but they see each other as someone to be respected and honored and their friendship, I believe, comes from that. It's beautiful.

  9. Kim Werker Avatar

    Ok, yet another I haven't seen. :)

  10. Kim Werker Avatar

    I'd also consider Adama and Tigh for the list, but not as high on it as Dale
    and Harry.

  11. Kim Werker Avatar

    It is beautiful. That's what I find so striking about it. I witness
    real-live men in friendships like theirs, but I don't think I've ever seen
    it portrayed on television like it was in TP.

  12. Rhiannon Avatar

    Honestly, it's been a while since I've seen Twin Peaks. I think a re-watching is in order. I was mostly inspired to mention SpongeBob and Patrick because of a “Bitch” article I read years ago.

    Found it!

    I love SpngeBob. What other child cartoon centred an episode around the main characters trying to hide the body of a health inspector they were convinced they had killed?

  13. jennynance Avatar

    Agreed for all of the above reasons. I still think Twin Peaks is the best thing to come out of television!

  14. knitgrrl Avatar

    Also, a healthy amount of donuts and coffee get consumed, so… ;)

  15. knitgrrl Avatar

    Also, a healthy amount of donuts and coffee get consumed, so… ;)

  16. knitgrrl Avatar

    Also, a healthy amount of donuts and coffee get consumed, so… ;)

  17. Tonyrobbins Avatar

    You KNOW there relationship had to have been sexual at some point.

  18. Myristica18 Avatar

    I would like to add Starsky and Hutch to the list, especially in first season.  No inhibitions about touching, hugging, crying, and yet they were all ‘man’.  Second season of S & H was a bit harder to watch because they could get annoyed with each other, but they still were there for each other when the chips were down, and in Twin Peaks, Harry did get annoyed with Cooper once and told him so, but Cooper took it like the best friend he was and completely offered his understanding, never trying to get Harry to ‘see’ his way of thinking, but allowing Harry his own ways.  I loved this show and was sorely disappointed in how it ended, with absolutely no closure for the story lines it left hanging.  If Lynch loved ‘Twin Peaks and its world’ so much, I would have hoped to have seen a feature film closing up the loose ties, or at least a book.  :( 

  19. Janalyn Avatar

    Eight words: Jess and Slim (from Laramie); Starsky and Hutch. However, that being said, Cooper and Truman rank right up there. I watched the show specifically for the quirky antics of the plots but mostly for their friendship. If there is no Truman or Cooper, there is no Twin Peaks.

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