UPDATE 18th February: A winner has won! Please continue to leave your thoughts about the Olympics in the comments, but note that the contest has ended. Thank you so much for participating!

I’m driving my own self nuts today with my giddy Olympics enthusiasm. So when the delightful Scout tweeted that she’s dyeing a limited edition of 80 hanks of Olympic Medal yarn, I ordered a hank right away.

win a hank of Olympic Medals Yarn!

Actually, I put two hanks in my cart because, holy crap, what an awesome blog giveaway would this be! But my conscience immediately kicked in. I didn’t want to take away an 80th person’s chance to score some.

But then? – And this is why I love the internet so much – Scout told me she’ll totally toss a second hank in my package.

Ergo: Giveaway!

To enter, leave a comment that contains at least one full, grammatical sentence about the Olympics. I don’t care if it’s positive or negative, enthusiastic or curmudgeonly, go-team-go or go-world. But it’s gotta be at least one sentence, and a full sentence at that.

I’ll send one hank of yarn to a commenter I’ll randomly choose after 3PM Pacific time on Thursday 18th February.

Note that I likely won’t have gotten the yarn by then, so no promises to the winner about when they’ll receive it. It certainly won’t be till after the Games.

Since I’m in a joiner mood, I’ll start:

I’m not only psyched about this yarn because the Olympics are here in my town, but also because one of my partner’s closest friends collaborated to design the actual 2010 medals. There. Now I feel special having not-really dropped his name.

(See what I did there? I started with the yarn, but I totally brought in the Olympics.)

Go tell your friends and get commenting. Good luck!

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