UPDATE 18th February: A winner has won! Please continue to leave your thoughts about the Olympics in the comments, but note that the contest has ended. Thank you so much for participating!

I’m driving my own self nuts today with my giddy Olympics enthusiasm. So when the delightful Scout tweeted that she’s dyeing a limited edition of 80 hanks of Olympic Medal yarn, I ordered a hank right away.

win a hank of Olympic Medals Yarn!

Actually, I put two hanks in my cart because, holy crap, what an awesome blog giveaway would this be! But my conscience immediately kicked in. I didn’t want to take away an 80th person’s chance to score some.

But then? – And this is why I love the internet so much – Scout told me she’ll totally toss a second hank in my package.

Ergo: Giveaway!

To enter, leave a comment that contains at least one full, grammatical sentence about the Olympics. I don’t care if it’s positive or negative, enthusiastic or curmudgeonly, go-team-go or go-world. But it’s gotta be at least one sentence, and a full sentence at that.

I’ll send one hank of yarn to a commenter I’ll randomly choose after 3PM Pacific time on Thursday 18th February.

Note that I likely won’t have gotten the yarn by then, so no promises to the winner about when they’ll receive it. It certainly won’t be till after the Games.

Since I’m in a joiner mood, I’ll start:

I’m not only psyched about this yarn because the Olympics are here in my town, but also because one of my partner’s closest friends collaborated to design the actual 2010 medals. There. Now I feel special having not-really dropped his name.

(See what I did there? I started with the yarn, but I totally brought in the Olympics.)

Go tell your friends and get commenting. Good luck!

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The Olympics, to me, is just a lot of sappy 'Believe' ads on CTV. I don't feel the emotional response at all; maybe it's because I'm not an authentic Canadian (or the fact that I have no interest at all in sports). Yarn, however, is a different story – that Olympic Medal yarn is gorgeous!


I like the Olympic games. They are fun to watch. I like yarn, too.


Can you hear me chortling with pure glee yet? Query me on most days, you'll find me generally quite jaded about high level sporting events. As we close on the Olympics though, my story changes. For me, the Olympics are full of untold stories of dedication and sacrifice. Innumerable tales of strife, perseverance and fulfillment just waiting to unfold. It's seventeen days of pure emotional crack brought to an even more poignant level now that our kids are older. The opportunity to share these stories with them is more exciting to me than words alone can express. That dedication, that passion, that focus are virtues I hope to give my children the boundless confidence to emulate in their own lives.


Curling is a great sport.

Jeanie Babbage

I have always loved watching the figure skating competitions, at least since Peggy Fleming competed since Fleming was my last name.

Beth Todd

The Winter Olympic Games, being held this year in Vancouver, are my absolute favorite of the Olympic Games because of my deep love of snow and ice sports, including but not limited to: skiing, snowboarding, skating, bobsledding, curling, and knitting (of course).

I think that yarn is awesome! The medal design is even more awesome, yay!!!!!


During the 1980 Winter Olympics, my mother was eight and a half months pregnant with her first child and laid up on the couch with a broken leg. She went so crazy cheering during the US vs USSR hockey game that my father thought she was either going to get up and jump around in spite of the broken leg or go into labor right then. This is the story I've heard from my parents during every Winter Olympics since I can remember. I've never had much of a passion for sport, but the Winter Olympics hold a special place in my heart because of my parents' fond memories of the “Miracle on Ice” hockey game and my birth nine days later.


I have loved Canada since we took a train from Vancouver to Montreal, for our honeymoon, more than 18 years ago. Thanks, Canada, for being such a great neighbor!


I've been looking forward to these Olympic games for months — I actually do that every time. I just love the Olympics!


There're a lot of rocking Fair Isles going on in the opening parade :)


I had a good friend's brother cut at the last minute from the olypmic bobseld two man team. he trained for two years at Lake Palicid. I wonder how many we never hear of who don't make it. I love to watch those who try with heart. The yarn would turn into something special for Cory to bring him luck for 2014.


I love Canada (blame Degrassi), and this is the first year in a long time I've been really interested in watching the Olympics, purely because they are in Canada. Coincidentally, the first year I cared about the Olympics was 1988, when I was eight, and they were in Calgary.

And anyway, who doesn't love curling? It is great.

Ann Marie

I am always surprised by the real life human stories behind the superathletes at the Olympics and often wonder how the media discovers them. I am far from athletic but delighted to discover this gorgeous Olympic inspired yarn and hope to be its owner! Thanks for inviting us to participate in the fun!


I am excited this year to watch the Olympics and participate in the Ravelympics.


I love the Olympics because the game magnify the human spirit.


Today was the first time I've ever watched the Olympics opening ceremony. I watched it because I wanted to start the Ravelympics right, but I ended up enjoying it — the march of nations was good fun! Good luck to the tiny teams.


I am loving all the different styles of hats I've seen at the Olympics and I am thinking that I saw crochet on the Swedes!


I rather enjoyed the opening ceremonies last night. There was so much to relate to and at one point we had to rewind the tap dancers and call the young tap dancers down from the upstairs to come watch the awesome tappers. It was really easy to get in the spirit of the Olympics with our big group of friends all crowded into one room. Not to mention, the outfits and the hand knits! Someone commented last night that there should really be a website available to purchase the items being worn by the different nations. I think the biggest hits in our group were the paisley pants and the knit hats.


Living abroad has made watching the Olympics difficult in recent years. I lived in Japan and watched Salt Lake City in Japanese. Beijing was also surprisingly difficult. Although S. Korea, my home at the time, was far closer geographically, the language barrier was still a challenge. Now, I sit here in England, many time zones away. This time the language is English, but something's still lacking. Perhaps it's that during the Olympic games, I feel more American than I do at other times. Either way, I sit and knit. Some things never change.


I dreamed of going to Vancouver to watch the Olympics this year but I believe it was only a dream. I think I'll get much better coverage and stay much warmer, watching at home, in Southern California.


Last night's opening ceremonies were the best I remember watching for any Olympic games. I learned some things about Canada, but I also realized that there are very many things I don't know about Canada's history, geography, and politics.

Mary Beth

I get teary eyed every Olympics- to see all of those talented athletes that are so proud of their countries… there is nothing better than to sit on my nice warm couch, crocheting, while they're freezing their butts off.

Stardust B.

I can't wait for the figure skating to begin. My favorite is Yvgeny Plushenko (I know I probably butchered the spelling there).


I'm feeling fairly ambivalent about the Olympics this year. There are sports that I'm sure I'll enjoy watching, but when I think about all the cuts to services in BC lately I don't think the Olympics were the best place to use the money we spent on them.


I'm looking forward to watching the Games this year because while I am American, my husband is Canadian (AND his brother and brother's girlfriend are coming down to visit for a week). I'm expecting a lot of good-natured ribbing going on around here. ;-)


I love the winter olympics. I don't like height or speed, but like to watch others experience it :-)


This is the first Olympic Games – Winter or Summer – where we can say “hey, we've been there!!”. We had some fantastic times there during our visits to both Vancouver and Whistler a couple of years ago. For us on the other side of the world (and in the middle of summer!), it brings back some wonderful memories of the area, and makes the whole event feel just that little more personal.

Eva SB

I am not convinced by the hype around the Olympics and am sure that, like most multinational organizations, the Olympic committee is a old boy network riddled with corruption, bias and incompetence. If asked I would reply that 'Olympic Spirit'is a load of old bunkum.

But when they announced that my country, which doesn't even have an Olympic sized rink, is sending a small group of skaters and skiers I was so proud. And you can be sure that I will be cheering them on and even shedding a few tears if they get anywhere near a medal.


I was pretty so-so about the Olympics to begin with, but especially after the luge accident death I became very sad about it and really can't bear to watch any of it now. A lot of people keep trying to convince me to be excited about the Olympics being in my city, saying how this is a once in a lifetime thing, but I just can't seem to be happy about it.

I am glad, however, that someone was able to make a yarn so beautiful for the Olympics.

Kitten With A Whiplash

The other night I accidently tuned into the USA Men's Curling Olympic Tryout Finals. “How can anybody get excited about frozen shuffleboard?” I wondered. At 1:00 am I went to bed with a sore throat from all the cheering I was doing – fer everone on every team! Now I've learned that all the televised coverage for curling will be on cable networks – and I don't have cable! Since I'm going to be curling-deprived, wouldn't it be a shame if I were yarn-deprived as well? Just saying, ya know? Thanks for the giveaway.


This is such lovely yarn. It goes perfectly with the spirit of the olympics, which I love. I still vividly remember watching Eric Heiden win all of his medals at the 1980 Olympics. It was such a special treat to stay up late to watch the medal ceremonies. The olympics are such a great show of pride and accomplishment.

One Sheep

As a bonus for wonking on several large accounts, my company gave me tickets and three days off to attend some of the 1984 Men's Gymnastics events in Los Angeles. What a legendary team we had (Bart Conner, Timothy Daggett, Mitchell Gaylord, James Hartung, Scott Johnson and Peter Vidmar), and how exciting to be there when they won the gold!


That yarn is definitely medal worthy. Beautiful stuff! For my sentence, my uncle attended two Olympics (Munich and Montreal) as a member of the USA judo team so we have a lot of Olympics enthusiasm in my family.


This is the first year my husband and I have watched any of the Olympics together. It's been great fun watching the sports and discussing how these are athletes we really respect and are in awe of.

Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!


There's something about the Winter Olympics that overcomes my usual cynicism about big televised events and high level sports. The whole world playing in the snow together. That can't be bad. Wish I was there. I'm sure a skein of Olympic yarn would console me a little.


I love the Winter Olympics, especially the figure skating. I will not be getting a lot of work done over the next couple of weeks!


what a different colorway.. interesting! i don't watch any of the olympics; i'm actually planning on turning the televsion off for 2 weeks because i think it's pretty boring.


I'm totally jeallin' that you've got the Olympics in your home town! I'd totally be stalking down some athletes. I've got a serious itch to knit a hat for an olympian. If you run into any with a cold head, send them my way!

Plus, it's the only time of year when Visa and P&G commercials can make me tear up. (To their moms, they'll always be kids. awwwwwwww)


The Olympics seem to turn off my “snark” button. My absolute favorite winter Olympics sport is curling. Yes, curling. I love it more than snowboarding and figure-skating. And all the Olympics commercials make me sob. All of them. Even the ones for companies that I boycott on moral grounds. (thank you. that felt good.)

~ hb33, in a confessional mood ~

Karen Wicker-Shaw

I think I'll take my children for a ferry ride to downtown Vancouver to witness and feel the OLYMPIC vibe. That will be both exciting and memorable for them.


I wish that all the other tv channels would run their regular shows instead of reruns during the olympics. I don't watch it because I really don't care about the olympics but, come on tv executives, don't assume that everyone is watching NBC. It may be an amazing thing for other countries but I think the US has become kind of meh about the whole thing.


Oh, that's loveliness! I'm so happy that Alexandre Bilodeau won the gold in the Men's Moguls. Now the ads & CTV coverage wondering about Canadian gold in Canada can end. Looking forward to the hockey!


The olympics rocks; I love watching passionate people!


Beautiful, beautiful yarn. I do not watch a lot of television, but love to catch bits and pieces of the Olympics, any sport. I admire the dedication of each person that makes it that far.


does grammatical mean i need to bust out the capitalization? phew. I am so very pleased the Olympics are happening in Vancouver, but displeased that I won't get to see them because I do not subscribe to cable television. what to knit with a winter olympic theme? hmmm…


I absolutely love that the Olympics have come to my town!! I love that the streets are alive with people, and everyone is in a great mood. I've met super nice people while standing in lineups, and when I work at the LiveCity site everyone I talk to throughout the day is happy and in good spirits. It's incredible! I also am a total sap and love the athlete profiles – especially the one about Bilodeau and his brother.


We have 36″ of snow on the ground in south central Pennsylvania, all 3 of my kids are home or on break this week, & we've been glued to the TV! We rarely watch tv in general,but it is so much fun to sit together–all 5 of us cheering & carrying on. I'm well into a Ravelympics project–a top down raglan cardigan. Life is good! Winning yarn is great!


The Olympics is a time when I feel like the world is one community who encourages, cares and strives for the best in each person, whether competing or watching.


I love the Olympics even more this time around because they're in Canada. And now we have two gold medals won on home soil. Wahoo! I hope that the men's and women's curlers and men's and women's hockey players can win us some more gold!


The Olympics is better seen and appreciated in any country outside the United States. Despite the technology available, we distill this spectacle into something provincial and myopic, every time.

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