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Over at LexPublica, we’ve decided to forgo seeking major outside investment in favour of using that energy to get some serious work done. Translation: we’re putting a whole lotta love into our work, and not so much with the getting paid for the time being.

So I’m hiring myself out on the side!

If you, your publication or organization, or someone you know and respect is looking for a killer writer or speaker who has never actually killed anyone with words (so far as I know), please consider contracting me. I’m smart, I’m good with the words, and I can meet a deadline.

I enjoy telling stories and writing essays, be they about events, people, arts and/or crafts, books, pop culture or other topics that people relate to intimately. I love diving deep into an issue and writing about it in a clear way people will get. I simply live to write opinion pieces. I’d love to do work for a crafts publication (online or off-), and I also know about lots of other topics and am eager to learn about even more. Bullshit gives me hives, which means I won’t write it but I’ll happily cut through it for you and your audience.

I also love public speaking, and I’m pretty good at it. I’m entertaining, informative and can project to the back of a sizable room without electronic aid. If your group or organization would like me to come speak about crafts, creativity, online media/blogging/social media, cottage-business stuff, or something else, I’d love to hear from you. I live in Vancouver, BC, which means a small budget could bring me to events as close by as Seattle or Victoria. A larger budget could conceivably bring me anywhere else. I have a passport and love to travel by train in North America. (I’d very much like to write about traveling by train, actually, so I’ll just throw that out there while I’m at it.)

I can edit, but for me there’s a fine line between making something even more awesome and wanting to poke my eyes out with a rattlesnake tail. I’m not sure what I even want to convey by saying that; it’s possible I’m not terribly interested in doing editing work right now. I’m certainly open to being convinced to change my mind, though.

If you’re familiar with me and my work and have some other kind of project you’d like to talk to me about, drop me a line. Also, I’d very much appreciate it if you’d pass my name along if someone you know mentions they’re looking for someone like me.

Some nitty-gritty: Please read a few posts on this site for examples of my conversational and opinionated writing (the most popular ones are listed in the footer of this page); I can also provide samples of professionally published writing. Please contact me by email. I can be formally paid (read: in a report-it-to-the-government way) in both Canada and the U.S. and I happily accept either country’s currency. I’m not kidding about making money, so please keep in mind I’ll require a reasonable fee. (I’m also not kidding about being able to meet deadlines or about bullshit giving me hives.)

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