Game Knitting!Dude. Game knitting. You have to try this.

Lee Meredith’s ebook about it is worth the download. I printed the relevant pages and brought them with me on a wee trip we took last weekend, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be without a game-knitting project whenever I travel from now on.

The gist of game knitting is that, while following a base pattern of your choosing, you perform some specific action whenever some outside event occurs. Like, say you’re watching Buffy and she makes a pun before killing a vampire – it’s like a drinking game, but with knitting (and really, you could apply the same concept to any craft at all).

So into my bag I tossed the skein of Blonde Chicken Bulky yarn I bought from Tara at the Urban Craft Uprising in August (the colourway is called Barack and Michelle, how awesome is that?).

I cast on right before watching the double-dose of Dollhouse on Friday night. Following the chunky hat pattern in the ebook, I made an eyelet every time:

  • Topher waved his hands above shoulder-height
  • Adele poured a drink
  • Someone had a treatment
  • Victor and Sierra held hands
  • Someone mentioned the attic
  • Somebody got punched in the face
  • Dichen Lachman‘s character spoke with an Australian accent
  • Somebody was remote-wiped

Game Knitting!(Little did I know there would be so much drinking by Adele, so much about the attic, and so much of Lachman being Australian. It’s amazing my toque wasn’t just made of holes.) (Also? The last few episodes of Dollhouse are really making me mourn the show’s cancellation. Kudos to all who were a part of it, on account of being awesome.)

I didn’t finish the hat during those two hours, but I did finish it halfway through watching War of the Worlds (which, sidebar, is a terrible movie) (also, this was the kind of wee vacation that involved two hours of Dollhouse, two movies, two games of Scrabble, and 1.5 hats). I made an eyelet every time:

  • Something got blowed up
  • Dakota Fanning’s character was precocious
  • Someone screamed bloody murder
  • I wanted to punch Tom Cruise in the face

Game knitting! Go try it.

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Oh wow. I LOVE it. For whatever reason I hadn't figured out exactly what game knitting WAS, but now I get it. And it would be much kinder to my liver than all those drinking games I play. (which isn't many, but you see my point.)


Ok, tried to comment yesterday but I was in the boonies, so the interwebs ate it. I bought Leethal's ebook on Xmas eve, and it is awesome! I made a pair of ninja mitts with random k/p changeups everytime general wackiness ensued at the family gathering yesterday, delightful!

So now we need to create game lists for Firefly and Doctor Who. You in?


Based on the last criteria, the whole rest of the hat would have been an eyelet for me.

Sonia Ryan

I CAN'T WAIT TO KNIT UP A STORM WITH YOU. I even blogged about it today. Well, kind of blogged. he he he


Reminds me a bit of the Crowd Sourced Knitting project that's starting on the 25th. Very cool.



It's an art project where the knitters are knitting their project based in
instructions from twitter. You can sign up to be an instructor or a knitter:

wall art

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