A New Goal

Thanks to the stunning generosity of friends, family, blog readers, Twitter followers, and perfect strangers, I blew past my original goal to raise $500 for pancreatic-cancer research by the second day of my fund-raising effort. By the end of that day, I’d raised over $1,000. I’ve upped my goal to $1,500.

cure-pcThe fundraising walk outside of Albany, NY, is Sunday, 13th September. If you’d like to come to lend your support, please do! Drop me a line and I’ll fill you in on the details. If you can’t make it in person, please consider making even a small donation. My whole family has been watching this blog and they’ve  been touched by your comments. I, myself, have gone from feeling somewhat crotchety to feeling overwhelming gushy love. Your words here touch people everywhere. Thank you so much for sharing them.

As many people have pointed out to me in the last few days, cancer is cancer whether it’s dressed in a pink shirt, a purple shirt, or no shirt at all. We have all, every single one of us, been affected by the disease, and every breakthrough is a triumph we can celebrate together.

If you have any creative ideas about what I can do to meet my new goal, or if you’d like to help in more or different ways than simply donating, I’d love to hear from you. As always, it helps so much when you spread the word.

Again, thank you!

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I tried, but couldn't get anywhere. Did you crash the server?


I tried, but couldn't get anywhere. Did you crash the server?

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