Crocheted Gifts!

After having so much fun interviewing Sister Diane on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, I’m excited to announce a Twitter event with several of the designers who contributed to my new book, Crocheted Gifts. We’ll do sort of a live chat for a full hour on Tuesday, 25th August, 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern time using the hashtag #crochetedgifts, and Interweave will be giving away a free copy of the book!

I’ll ask a few questions of the designers, but mostly I hope you’ll chime in with your own questions about the book. This’ll be a great way to find out what a designer’s inspiration was, how they chose what techniques to use, what it’s like to work on a multi-contributor book like this, to ask advice about gift giving… I’ll tweet updates about the event as it grows nearer. If you aren’t on Twitter yet but have been looking for a reason to join, here you go. (You’ll be able to follow the event even if you don’t have a Twitter account, but you won’t be able to ask questions or chime in with your thoughts.)

I’ll update this post as I learn for certain which designers will be able to participate, so check back here if you’re stalkery like that.

Leave a comment if you have a question you want me to consider kicking off the event with!

Participants (you should maybe start following them now, eh?):

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