An unexpected and thoroughly delightful side effect of quitting my job last year is that right after I did it I managed to get know some incredibly cool people whose work I’d admired from afar for a long time. I really don’t know how or why it happened; maybe cutting myself free somehow opened me up to forging new relationships.

One of those cool people is Betsy Greer, whose work over at Craftivism I have long loved. For several months we’ve been writing emails to each other in a sort of throwback to pen pals from days of yore. We come from very different backgrounds, we have somewhat different goals, but our concerns, fears, values, and challenges are very, very similar when it comes to creating a career that is truly fulfilling. What a relief to discover we weren’t alone. A profound relief. And then we wondered if other people might also feel some relief to know they’re not alone.

So we’ve done what bloggers do: we’ve started sharing those email exchanges on a new blog called The Creative Life*. Every few days we’ll post another email from our correspondence and when we’ve run out of them we’ll continue our exchange right there on the blog.

Today’s inaugural post is light, but there’s more to come. I hope Betsy and I have as much fun with the blog as we’ve had getting to know each other, and I have a good feeling we will—especially if you chime into the discussion over there, hey? It’s really all about the discussion.

* has been the centre of a few different plans over the last half-year. If you’ve been privy to any of those plans, I hope this final incarnation will grow into something along the lines of what you might have been excited about.

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