UPDATE (8:20PM): We’re back from the vet, who cleared Cleo of any major injury. Phew! She’s a bit banged up, but given her day that’s hardly surprising. Around 3:30 this afternoon, my husband and brother-in-law tracked her to a location around 2 km north of where she ran off. She was about 200 metres above the highway, stuck fifteen feet up on a narrow ledge in the middle of a cliff. She whined when they called her, and they followed the sound. She’s clean and fed and has some anti-inflammatory medication in her, and she’s asleep on the rug with us, in front of the fire.

I cannot thank you all enough for your help spreading the word about Cleo today. Your blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates, and most of all your kind and hopeful words truly kept me sane when otherwise my overactive imagination would have put me into fits. Celebrating with you when she was found was even better.

Here’s the path my husband is pretty sure Cleo took today; given that he followed her trail most of the way, I figure it’s pretty accurate. The poor dog was gone for seven hours.

UPDATE (3:35PM): Cleo is found! My husband and brother-in-law found her, and they’re on their way home. Thank you all so much for your support and help! It has truly kept me sane all day, and I am at the ready to pay it back (or forward) whenever you need it.

Please help us find our dog. This morning at around 8:30, our friendly mutt Cleo got spooked by the sound of avalanche blasting at Whistler-Blackcomb and ran off into the woods of Emerald Estates in Whistler, BC. My husband was able to follow her tracks (to his best guess, at least) to Highway 99, heading north away from the blasting. There are few homes or businesses on that stretch of road, and I’m trying to reach as many people in the Whistler area as possible with hope that someone will recognize her if she turns up. Would you please help spread the word by posting a link to this blog post on your Facebook, Twitter, or any other account you have? I know very well how wonderful it can be to be a part of something absurdly fun online; I’m hoping you might help be a part of something more serious. It’s supposed to snow again tonight, and we very much want our dog to be safe and warm.

Cleo is a 6-year-old shepherd or husky-ish mix; she’s smart and sweet, is wearing a red collar with several tags, and is timid around strangers. She’s a Vancouver dog, but has spent a lot of time at Whistler and should know her way back to Emerald if she hasn’t run too far off to lose her orientation. She cut her front-right paw a couple of days ago but was getting around fine (as evidenced by her ambitious flight). If you see her, please let me know – kim AT kimwerker DOT com. Thank you!

57 responses to “Cleo = Found [formerly Help! Lost Dog]”

  1. LisaB650 Avatar

    Kim, I'm so worried about you and Cleo! Hope you find her soon. Wish I was up there to help look!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Thank you! I’m not sure there’s much looking to be done. We’re driving that
      stretch of highway, but are pretty sure she’s off in the woods.

  2. scout Avatar

    Oh Kim I'm so sorry…..I hope you find her!

  3. knitgrrl Avatar

    She's a *smart* girl, Kim, I have every faith she'll be able to find her way back to your place in Whistler once she calms down and gets hungry.

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      That’s what we’re counting on, Shannon. Thank you!

  4. Amie Avatar

    Posted. I hope you find her! Let us know the moment you do. Crossing fingers and toes here.

  5. Jen from Tennesee Avatar
    Jen from Tennesee

    Well, I'm a little far away to do any looking, but I saw this up on Twitter and thought I'd say that I am keeping my fingers crossed that you find her! She is such an adorable pooch.

  6. Kate Avatar

    Cleo is beautiful. I just know you'll find her. We are thinking such positive thoughts over here in Maine for you.

  7. Megan Avatar

    Oh no, Kim! I'll send canine-GPS-vibes up thataway. I hope you find her quick!

  8. Amie Avatar

    Kim, there are 11 groups on Rav for b.c. Try posting there. I'd post but I don't know which ones would apply to you:


    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Thanks, Amie (and everyone!). There aren’t any Rav groups for this area.
      It’s a pretty small town. :)

  9. Diane Avatar

    I wonder if the local forestry department in that area could be on the lookout for your dog. Maybe even the local police?

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Thanks, Diane! We’ve alerted the local shelter and the city’s animal
      control. Those are the organizations that will keep a lookout, and they love
      dogs. It’s pretty much a sit and wait time, now. We’ll search a little
      later, too, now that the blasting has stopped.

  10. Julie Avatar

    Found out about this on Plurk, so I posted to Facebook and Plurk and told others to post and retweet. I hope you find her soon, she's a sweet looking girl!

  11. Kim Werker Avatar

    Thank you so much, everyone, for passing on this info about Cleo! Your support is keeping us sane right now.

  12. karina Avatar

    Posted to my Facebook, too. Lots of Vancouverites head for Whistler on these dates. I hope you find Cleo soon.

  13. Loreth Avatar

    I live in Whistler, Kim — amazing how word gets around the internet. Will keep an eye and ear out for Cleo. What a beautiful pooch. I hope you find her soon.

  14. Loreth Avatar

    Will put a link up on my Facebook page too, have quite a few Whistler connections there.

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Thank you so much, Loreth! Yes, it is truly amazing how word gets around. We
      very much appreciate your help!

  15. Tina Avatar

    Yay!! Glad she's been found – you must be so relieved. Pups… I tell ya.. :)

  16. Sarah Avatar

    SO HAPPY to know she's safe and on her way home.

  17. TorchSinger Avatar

    I'm so happy to her your dog has been found. Poor thing…

  18. Amie Avatar

    (((clapping))) LOVE! That's so awesome!

  19. Diane Avatar

    YAY!!! I'm so glad you found her! I've been praying ever since I heard about her being lost. Give her an extra hug for me!

  20. Colleen Lindsay Avatar

    YAY! So happy you found Cleo!!!

  21. Nathan Avatar

    I'm so glad to hear you found your dog. I ended up here via Colleen Lindsay and I was all set to post a link..until I realized I've never gotten a single hit from BC. Didn't think it would help much.

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Thanks, Nathan. Consider yourself to have developed a BC audience. :)

  22. Ellen_Datlow Avatar

    I'm very happy to hear this. I was worried as soon as I heard on Colleen's blog.

  23. Keri Avatar

    Such a great end to this story!


  24. Romi Avatar

    Wooohooooo! I'm so glad she's safe and sound. :)

  25. (formerly) no-blog-rachel Avatar

    So glad she's home safe and sound! I read about her being lost on Annie Modesitt's blog and was so worried about her – until I saw a comment on Facebook from Romi saying she was found. I'm very happy for all of you!

  26. Isobel Avatar

    I followed your story all day yesterday and said prayers that Cleo would be found. I have 4 dogs myself and would be beside myself if I lost one of them. I teared up last night when I saw that she had been found – you must be breathing so much easier – a think she deserves an extra special treat today and constant hugs

  27. Kimberton Avatar

    I am so glad she's home. Congratulations on getting your lovely Cleo back safe and sound. Spend the day enjoying being together and loving each other. Happy New Year!

  28. gleek Avatar

    wow! your husband and brother-in-law are amazing to have tracked her so far!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Yes, they really, really are.

      And this morning, Cleo’s hurt back leg doesn’t seem to be bothering her as
      much as it did last night. A happy new year, indeed.

  29. Annie Avatar

    What a smart dog. Ours ran off for a WEEK, and since then has been – not scared – but very aware of where we are whenever we go for a walk. She's happier-but-wiser now!

    And the map? I googled the same place and kept wondering where she might be. Who knew I was such a worry-wart?

  30. mattwaldrop Avatar

    UGH! Happy new year, indeed! I take a day off, and all Hades breaks loose… well, that and Cleo, apparently. Very happy for everyone involved, kiddo. Makes you think, no?

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Yes, it makes you think. I’m certainly going into the new year with
      refreshed affection for my dog, and for everyone I love. And for perfect
      strangers who are so kind and generous. I feel very lucky that things ended
      up happily enough that I can see this blinding silver lining immediately.

  31. mattwaldrop Avatar

    Much love to you and yours, my friend. Along with joy, health, and infinite goodness.

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      And the same to you. xoxo

  32. Samm Avatar

    I'm delighted that your Cleo is safely home warm and dry. I read on Daily Chum that she'd run off and my heart sank as I read, knowing how frightened I'd be if it were one of my little puppers. By the bottom of the page I could breathe again, seeing she was safe! Such happy news! By the way, Kim, I crocheted the handwarmers from Interweave Crochet, and love the result!! Thanks for a great simple and effective pattern!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Thank you so much, Samm! And I’m so glad you’re enjoying your handwarmers.

  33. Loreth Avatar

    So happy to see the news, Kim. And if Cleo ever has puppies … I'm serious, I want one. I was hoping, this December, to adopt a puppy from the Whistler animal shelter. He is a husky/retriever mix who has the promise of turning into a Cleo. But alas, I was not to be the chosen one, and he went to another loving family. So … I'm still looking and hoping to find one along the lines of the beautiful dog you have :)

  34. kitesurf Avatar

    Hey there, how's Cleo now? Cool right!

  35. Kim Werker Avatar

    Yes, she's doing great, thank you! It took her several weeks to fully
    recover from her leg injury, but she has.

  36. kitesurf Avatar

    Nice to know that! thanks.

  37. FrancisWakeboardingEquipments Avatar

    That's good news, It's nice to hear that she's recovering and is with you guys.

  38. Franz Wakeboarding Equipments Avatar

    That's good news, It's nice to hear that she's recovering and is with you guys.

  39. Beer Steins Avatar

    That's good news, It's nice to hear that she's recovering and is with you guys!

  40. Beer Steins Avatar

    That's good news, It's nice to hear that she's recovering and is with you guys!

  41. Beer Steins Avatar

    That's good news, It's nice to hear that she's recovering and is with you guys!

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