When I scheduled the interview with Joss Whedon a couple of weeks ago, I tumbled into a crash course in podcasting. I figured: if Sister Diane was going to walk me through how to record a phone call on Skype, and if I was going to have to buy an adorable USB mic, and if I was going to have to edit the low-quality audio file because Joss’s phone wasn’t so great, and if I was going to have to prepare for a huge number of people to listen to the recording (on account of how many awesome fans he has), and if I was going to have to find someplace to host the file since the high traffic would certainly tank my server, then I might as well do it podcast-style and see what might come of it. After all, I’m embarking on a creative adventure and having some audio fun is part of the plan.

So here’s a short test. I used an audio clip I didn’t end up posting from Knitting Daily TV taping in September, and I put it up through PodBean, which is hosting my unimaginatively eponymous, as-of-this-moment newly launched podcast.

PodBean has a nifty, easy-to-use way to embed audio clips, too. Here it is:

Most importantly, if you want to get the Whedon interview as soon as it hits feed readers, do subscribe using one of the handy links in the sidebar of the podcast blog! The podcast should show up in iTunes soon; please be a little patient.

[As an added bonus for those of you who haven’t heard my voice, listening to this short clip will give you a baseline against which you’ll be able to compare my shocking phone voice at the beginning of the Whedon interview. I was a little nervous; I got over it. Soon you’ll hear.]

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I look forward to hearing you stream into my itunes!


As do I! And hey, I LIKE your voice.


Wait a minute… you can do that? I must, must learn this trick. Any pointers or links on how to record calls on Skype?

Kim Werker

Sister Diane of Craftypod walked me through it; I'll be happy to pass it on. Drop me an email. In short: Audio Hijack Pro works like a charm (um, especially if you set it right, which I didn't for this interview, and which is why I couldn't really salvage the sound quality).

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