Time to run down where I’m at on various fronts:

  • Status of the winter issue of IC: Goes to press next week. Soon I’ll embark on the frenzy of making sure I have enough clean clothes for a work week in Colorado.
  • Status of my Gathered Pullover: Finished the first sleeve. Instead of starting the second sleeve I cast on for a February Lady Sweater. I consider this to be the most responsible creative decision I made on Monday.
  • Status of my 365 photo challenge: I’m back on track.
  • Status of my NaNoWriMo word count: I’m extremely behind. But there’s a but.
    • But I don’t care. I have gained tremendously from participating so far. I kicked myself in the ass to start writing a story I’ve been thinking about for a few months, and I did so without caring if my writing was any good. In fact, my writing has been downright awful. But I’ve gotten further into the story than I ever would have if I’d continued treating it as preciously as I had been. With press coming next week, I doubt I’ll do much more work on it in the coming days, but I certainly will do more work on it someday soon. I’ll continue to force myself to blather relentlessly, and then I will put it aside for a while. And after that, I’ll go back to it and will likely rewrite the whole damn thing. Because however happy I am with my crap writing now, I’d actually like to write this story well.
  • Status of the United States: In good hands now. I feel much relief. It’s going to be a stressful, difficult four years, and I trust completely that Barack Obama will face the challenges head on and will lead us all to contribute as needed.
  • Status of my knowledge of podcasting: Increased dramatically in the last two days (due in great part to the generous help of Sister Diane). I’ve wanted to dabble in audio production for a long time, and finally had to dive in. It’s a very satisfying way to learn, by biting off more than you can chew. I highly, highly recommend it. Seriously. Go do something you think you’re unprepared to do. If it’ll help, promise lots of people that you’ll deliver.
  • Status of the online-crafts-world effort to get an interview with Joss Whedon: The impetus for my crash course in podcasting. The interview is tomorrow morning. (See how calm I seem? I’m faking it.)
  • Status of my love for the internet and all the lovely people that make it so much fun: Stronger than ever.
  • Status of my interview with Marly on her podcast: Listen here. Listen not for me, but to meet the delightful teen crocheter Chelsea, whom I had the pleasure of working with for an article she wrote in the fall issue of IC.
  • Status of this post: So finished.
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