Editors should rule the world because good ones prevent smart people from looking like idiots.

I live with an engineer. In our house are professional and academic journals that do such painfully awful things to the English language I’ll find myself tempted to phone up a publisher to offer to take a red pen to their draft publication for no pay at all.

Pointed out to me by the man this morning, a drop quote in OR/MS Today*:

“There is a recurring theme that a body of data analysis skills exist that are uniquely analytics.”

A drop quote. Pulled out and highlighted in large, coloured text. Now, sure. This sentence, as written, might make for a good zinger of a question on a Grade 10 English test. Maybe even a bonus question. “Analytics” is, after all, not a plural. But in an academic publication? Simply unacceptable.

* It’s the publication of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

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