I very sincerely, without judgment, and with an open mind, would like to know why you support Sarah Palin. So I thought this blog, which has the potential to reach many people who have differing political views, would be the best place to ask.

Because, really, I don’t much care what pundits say, and I am tired of sitting around trying to put thoughts in other people’s minds when those people are so different from me I can’t help but admit I’m shooting in the dark.

So I ask you: If you’re a Palin supporter, or if you have insight into why folks support Palin, please leave a comment and let me, and all of us, know why. I may ask you questions, but I will not argue against you, and I ask everyone who participates to do the same. There will be nothing but respect, here.

(Just in case, I’ll throw out there now that I’ll moderate comments with a heavy hand if it becomes necessary. But I know y’all will play nice.)

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x