I’ve begun what I’ll eventually look back upon as an odd few months but which now simply seems a bit of a hellish struggle peppered with relief, excitement, and a bit of blinding fear (dude. No. I’m not pregnant. Imagination, people!). I’ll eventually spill all here, but for now, please be patient as my mood might be variable, I might speak in tongues or riddles, and my posting schedule might be erratic. Not that I was ever terribly regular in my posting schedule.

  • Scalzi on Elmo.
  • Another Scalzi post reminds me of that time when, in rapid succession, I learned about this site called eBay, sold a Beanie Baby and bought a computer with the funds. It was just as I was starting grad school, and the four-year-old laptop that took me through my undergrad degree wasn’t cutting it anymore. But I was moving to a new place and had an income sufficient enough only to keep me in half a crappy rental with some frozen broccoli and Pop Tarts thrown in for good measure, and so I had to get creative. As I was packing stuff up at my parents’ house I came upon a Beanie Baby I’d bought for a friend a few years earlier but never gave. And then that friend and I drifted apart. So there I was with a pristine, rare bear that would end up fetching $500 online. It was 1998. I bought an off-brand desktop that ran like the wind.
  • Stash Decaf Vanilla Chai tea with soy milk is my new morning staple. Only thing is, I hate the way it smells. Too sweet. So I make sure I’m exhaling every time I move in to take a drink.
  • I had half-caff coffee this weekend. It was so. good. But then I forgot all about it and didn’t crave more.
  • We’ve started watching Angel season 2. As with the first season, I don’t love it. I really like it. But it’s not love. I’m told the end of this season is killer, though.
  • Finally reading Watchmen. I like it. I’m having too hard a time with the colour palette, though. In that it’s distracting me from loving the story, which I’m sure I’d love more if I didn’t dislike the colours so much. Really, I think I just have to sit down for a good chunk of time with this book and stop reading it only for a few minutes at a time as I’m falling asleep at night.
  • The preview for Fall ’08 Interweave Crochet is up. I’m very, very excited about this issue. Huge kudos to the amazingly talented designers and writers who contributed.
  • This exchange is why I desperately love Twitter:
    reading an email and feeling like i’m being attacked by commas.
    @smartgrrrl ,,, pew! pew! , , ,, ,, , pew! , ,,,
    @kpwerker I retaliate — — — blam! blam! — — — blam!
  • On Saturday night we attended the best. party. ever. There were two coach buses there, but only one had a hardwood floor and housed the puppet karaoke. The absurdities witnessed are too numerous to list.
  • I fell behind in posting 365-challenge photos for a couple of weeks, and I started catching up this weekend. Six of the photos were related to the Twilight books. And there you have it. Record of my life.
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