Only the internet geekiest of you will make any sense out of that title, eh? I’ll sum up:

I did a test recording on my iPhone today, transferred it to my computer, converted it to mp3 and uploaded it to Tumblr (all in a few minutes; peasy!). Which means I’ll be able to do that during the TV taping. So. W00t.

For your listening pleasure, here’s that recording.

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Wow, you're getting too geeky for me here, with those last couple of posts you lost me….. I can't even get my new site to show up in Feed Readers. I don't know how you're doing all this.


LMAO… awesome sound clip. and thank you for not singing it. :-D

Kristin Omdahl

Love the clip! You are the cutest!


Hm. It looks like your blog is generating the feeds (the links in the
sidebar work for me; when I click one my feed-reader adds it), but my
browser doesn't detect them automatically. It might be that the WordPress
theme you're using is missing a line or two of code; see if there's
something in your theme that looks like what this blogger is talking about:


Oh god. I would *never* sing it. Ooh! *You* should sing it! For me? Pretty


Thanks, I'll check that out. The feeds at the right work, but they're not the one's I want. Something's not working with the redirection. Anyway… one day, I (or the mister) will figure it out.


Personally, I would have LOVED to hear you sing it. But the soft speak was pretty cute. :)

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