Yeah, that’s the worst title ever.

So I’ve been fiddling around with Tumblr, and I’ve decided I love it. It’s the perfect companion to this blog, and I hope you’ll mosey on over there and follow me. And more importantly, and far more fun for all of us, I hope you’ll chime in over there, too.

Now, why have both a blog and a tumblelog? Here’s why:

This blog is sorta where I’m at, long-form. I write on and on and on over here (blast the new WordPress word-count feature! I’ve learned I, like, write a short feature-length article over here every time I have a vague idea about something). And I keep track of my professional goings-on over here, too.

But I also use Twitter, like, all the time—both to let escape the impulsive thoughts I have that must be broadcast immediately and to solicit immediate feedback about something, and also to keep in touch in brief spurts with friends and colleagues. Oh, man, I love Twitter.

And I also use Flickr, like, all the time (but not recently, but I’ll catch up soon)—both to participate in all sorts of crafty and work-crafty fun and also to stay in touch with friends and family.

And now, as you already know, I’m, like, a rabid fan of Disqus commenting (have you replied to a comment by email yet? Have you? Have you?).

Yes, those are not reasons why I love Tumblr. They’re background info.

I love Tumblr because it aggregates my tweets. And because I can post to it directly from my iPhone. Even photos. Which means I can share a photo on my tumblelog without first having to post it to Flickr. And that means you can see it without having to go to Flickr, too. So you can see what I’m up to, both in words and in images, all in one place, and you can comment and discuss using Disqus. All in one place.

And then there’s MORE. For example, I realized it would be, like, a no-brainer to microblog from our next round of Knitting Daily TV taping in a couple of weeks. Photos and blurbs all day long! From behind the scenes!

Doing stuff like that would clutter this blog. So I see Tumblr as my short-form blog. It’s more stream-of-consciousness. In wee chunks.

Of course I’ll still use Flickr. A lot. But when I see something and snap a pic of it and want to share it with you immediately, it’s going to Tumblr instead.

And if I ever figure out how to transfer audio clips from my iPhone to my computer, I’ll tumble those as well. (Um, yes. My goal is to do micro-interviews during the show taping. We’ll see if I can swing it.)

So. Follow me through Tumblr or via the RSS feed over there, eh? I promise I’ll make a fun ride!

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OMG Kim, I don't know how you do all of this. I ADORE how all of this can so beautifully work together, yet at the same time, I feel like such the dino. I have literally spent the past 6 weeks trying to figure all of this stuff out and how it can work for me/the business, etc. (don't tell Jaime – she'll know why my outlines aren't completed). I just finally got video from the FLIP on the blog. At the end of the day – all roads lead to the iPhone before I can really go any further. Probably won't have it by the time I see you in OH, but if yours is MIA and I'm MIA, you'll know what happened :) I won't be gone long, promise.

P.S. Grover all the way. No contest. Even my Elmo-generation kids agree :)

Jack Jones Jeans

Great post

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