After a remarkably quick switcheroo, the comments here are now powered by Disqus. You don’t have to do anything different to comment, and you’ll hopefully have way more fun doing it.

Why the switch? Because I really enjoy our wee community here, and I hope you do too. I’d like to build that community, and Disqus has several features that should help that along. It still allows for anonymous and unregistered commenting, but you can also register with Disqus and claim your comments (it’s really easy). And—*happy dance*—it also supports proper threading of discussions: when you reply to someone’s comment, your comment appears below theirs. This is a very big deal, and allows for easy conversations. But wait, there’s more!

Possibly cooler than threaded discussions: You can reply to a comment-notification email and that emailed reply is automatically posted as a comment. There’s really no way to say that so the amazingness of it is properly conveyed. Just trust me. It’s like a revolution in blog commenting.

Disqus is not blog-exclusive. When you have an account, the comments you make on all of the Disqus-enabled blogs you visit are aggregated in one place. So you can keep track more easily, and so can other people. That means your friends and acquaintances can see more about the things you’re interested in. Also, it’s a cool way to discover new blogs (something I’m very much looking forward to).

So, let’s test this thing out, eh?

Elmo: Cute, cuddly little Muppet or evil, annoying high-pitched invader into Grover’s turf? Talk amongst yourselves.

I’ll start. Elmo is evil. And annoying. And just plain-old dumb. Grover is quirky and adorable and makes me laugh. I mourned and raged when Elmo turfed Grover. Mourned and raged. Grover is better and Elmo should fall off a cliff.