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Why the switch? Because I really enjoy our wee community here, and I hope you do too. I’d like to build that community, and Disqus has several features that should help that along. It still allows for anonymous and unregistered commenting, but you can also register with Disqus and claim your comments (it’s really easy). And—*happy dance*—it also supports proper threading of discussions: when you reply to someone’s comment, your comment appears below theirs. This is a very big deal, and allows for easy conversations. But wait, there’s more!

Possibly cooler than threaded discussions: You can reply to a comment-notification email and that emailed reply is automatically posted as a comment. There’s really no way to say that so the amazingness of it is properly conveyed. Just trust me. It’s like a revolution in blog commenting.

Disqus is not blog-exclusive. When you have an account, the comments you make on all of the Disqus-enabled blogs you visit are aggregated in one place. So you can keep track more easily, and so can other people. That means your friends and acquaintances can see more about the things you’re interested in. Also, it’s a cool way to discover new blogs (something I’m very much looking forward to).

So, let’s test this thing out, eh?

Elmo: Cute, cuddly little Muppet or evil, annoying high-pitched invader into Grover’s turf? Talk amongst yourselves.

I’ll start. Elmo is evil. And annoying. And just plain-old dumb. Grover is quirky and adorable and makes me laugh. I mourned and raged when Elmo turfed Grover. Mourned and raged. Grover is better and Elmo should fall off a cliff.

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this is a hard one because i like them both now, though, admittedly, i didn't like elmo until i had the peanut. she adores elmo and i can see why. he's very happy all the time, laughs a lot, and thinks that babies are pretty cool. peanut likes babies too so it's a match made in heaven. she's always asking for him! although it's more “ELBO! ELBO!!” than “ELMO!” :)

my husband and i like grover too but i've noticed it's because he has more of a complicated personality. he's funny and he actually has a range of emotions. elmo sometimes gets sad or frustrated but most of the time, he's happy as a clam. i think that grover appeals to kids as they get older.

anyway, can you tell i watch a lot of sesame street? every. effin'. day. no joke.


I heart Grover. Elmo is not of my generation, so I generally disregard him. Plus, without Grover, there would be no SuperGrover and what would little kids everywhere do without a flight into the air upon feet?


My dad says the first time I belly laughed it was to Grover doing near…
far. I was around one, or something. I still find Grover to be totally
hilarious. I do not envy the amount of Elbo you must endure. :)


Yes, exactly.


Yes, exactly!


I think Elmo should be banned in public places. Or, if not banned entirely (because I am not in favor of censorship), then required to be packaged in a plain brown wrapper. I say this from the perspective of someone who has walked through Borders (or the grocery store, or Target, or myriad other establishments) with a toddler shrieking, “Elmo! Elmo!”.

I do not understand the attraction — my child doesn't even WATCH television, yet Elmo crept into our daily lives on diapers, food boxes, toys… and he's here to stay. My son LIKES Cookie Monster, Grover, Zoe, Big Bird and co., but he LOVES Elmo. It must be because he's red. Good marketing, Children's Television Workshop!

Personally, if judging the new generation of muppets, I like Abby Cadabby. My old school fave was Ernie. Definitely Ernie.


I love the way you think. Also, your kid is so cute, I might even like Elmo
just a little bit now only because he loves him so much.


Disqus sounds cool. I love this new 'net stuff you're always trying out.
OK so Elmo: Using a Barney-based litmus test, I like Elmo as long as it's in small doses. As much as I can get behind the reasons for Dora the Explorer (teaching Spanish, a resourceful girl explorer, etc.) she's almost as painful for me to listen to as Barney! But as Sesame St goes, I was sad to learn that Elmo has eclipsed much of the original Ses. St. and my fav was Ernie. Come to think of it, I don't miss the amount of air time given to Kermit, Miss Piggie, and Oscar. I do miss Swedish Chef.


Heh. Check out the post I just wrote about Tumblr! I'm in lurve.

I love the Swedish Chef, too. In my head, I just imitated him.


Like those with small children commenting, I was steadfastly against Elmo until I saw how my nephew responded to him. Now I actually kinda dig Elmo and I'm not afraid to say so in public. And have you seen the little interview he did w/NPH? It's ADORABLE.

All that said, Grover reigns supreme and always will. Well, Grover and Cookie Monster.


Why are the comments duplicated both down the left side and down the right side?
Overkill, overkill. PS the Swedish Chef is Annette, right? ;-)


The comments on the right are mostly for show on the homepage; it's just
showing where the conversation's at.

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