Lansing, MI, here I come. Sandwiched between the next taping for Knitting Daily TV and the Folio Show, I’ll spend a day at Threadbear Fiber Arts launching the Fall ’08 issue of Interweave Crochet. We’ll have a trunk show, and I’ll talk all about the projects, about what goes on behind the scenes at the magazine, and about crochet in general. And then, as if that wouldn’t be enough (*cough*), none other than the mastermind of Knitting Daily, herself, Ms. Sandi Wiseheart will orchestrate a personal-fitter-style Crochet Gallery photo shoot right there in the store, with real-live people. We’ll give tips on fit and how to modify a particular pattern to suit you better. And, as if you needed more convincing to come to the event, it’s free. Of course, we can’t be held responsible if you decide to leave with a copy of the magazine and enough yarn to make several sweaters. I hope to see you there!

Here’s more info, from Threadbear:

This two-part FREE FUNCTION kicks off at 3pm with Kim, who will lead you through a preview of the Fall 2008 issue of Interweave Crochet with a trunk show of garments, accessories, and more. Kim will take us on an in-depth walk-through of the projects as well as what goes on behind the scenes of a major fiber arts publication, from beginning to end. She’ll also lead a question-and-answer session on the design selection process as well as entertain any questions you might have for her about being an editor of a magazine that’s part of the Interweave family of publications. Budding designers—here’s your chance to garner tips and advice!

We’ll then take a little bit of a break and do a little meet-and-greet/one-on-one socializing with Kim and Sandi, as well as take some time to admire the trunk show items as a preview of the next event, which starts around 5pm.

Sandi is famous for many things, but if you know her through Knitting Daily, you are definitely familiar with her gallery photo shoots, where various people in the home office of Interweave Press try on garments from Interweave Knits to show how they look on a wide range of body shapes and types. She is also famous for her wonderful mannequin, Bertha, who sometimes stands in for a human model from time to time. Well, we’re planning to do a FIRST TIME EVER gallery using the garments from the fall issue of Interweave Crochet and YOU as the models. Here’s the perfect chance to try on a wide range of items ACTUALLY FROM the magazine as well as help Sandi develop a gallery for Crochet. While you’re trying on the garments, Sandi will work with you and discuss fit and shaping as well as options for customizing the garment to fit and flatter YOUR figure—where to add ease, where to take in a little bit, etc. Better than having a personal shopper, you’ll have the wisdom and experience of a PERSONAL FITTER right here, at ThreadBear!

Please contact the shop and leave your name and phone number (again—there’s NO CHARGE involved) so we can plan seating, refreshments, and more.

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