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Greetings from Colorado.

The altitude here near the mile-high city always makes me feel a little wonky. I battle a minor headache for the first few days I’m in town, and I get a bloody nose from the dryness. Running up the stairs in the office leaves me winded. The good news, though, is that I haven’t felt any worse without caffeine than I usually do with it. So, yay.

In the days leading up to press, we’re constantly passing pink folders around. Every pattern and article gets its own pink folder where all edited incarnations of it are filed. Toni, the assistant editor, has assigned each of us our own gel-pen colour (mine’s maroon) so she can keep track of which of us belongs to each of the changes made. Tomorrow will be the mad-rush day; the goal is to have every pattern and article signed-off as “good to go” by Wednesday morning. Fingers crossed.

PS I really love this issue.

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