First Raspberries of the Summer!, originally uploaded by kpwerker.

  1. Tangible: First raspberries of the season.
    Intangible: Satisfaction from growing yummy food.
  2. Tangible: iPhone.
    Intangible: The 6GB/month compromise by Rogers tipped the scale; I went yesterday afternoon and ended up the penultimate person in line before the staff turned people away because they knew they wouldn’t have iPhones left for them. I had my laptop and edited patterns while waiting in line on the sidewalk. People are super friendly, and it was fun. Despite total server meltdown resulting in crazy delays, the staff were friendly and awesome.
  3. Tangible: Perhaps it’s the new office space, or perhaps it was just time, but I got a lot of work done this week. I’ll be catching up further this weekend.
    Intangible: Balance is returning. Thank the gods.
  4. Tangible: A self portrait every day.
    Intangible: It’s a fun project, and I’m already enjoying the visual diary I’m creating.

Day 15: Walking the Dog

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